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Slash cyber-event. UM UC is certified to operate in Virginia by chef old. This is Home Solutions with the wind team powered by ESPN realty on t here's the win three team leader Zack Meyer. Good morning and welcome back. I'm in the studio with Jerry Santa VIP mortgage in right before the break. I talked about an opportunity for someone that's here. Visiting for the winter getting out of those cold, cold snowstorms, and blizzards and everything that's going across and. You know? I I grew up in North Dakota. And in the wintertime for fun. We used to go out and blizzards and push people out of the ditch. I mean what we did in high school. Go people that were stranded in in the snow in to see a state like North Dakota do a statewide shutdown where they they told the snowplow drivers don't even go out. Just so bitter bitter old mean wind chills sixty five below zero. And it's crazy. So that is a long time coming I I used to work six winters Jerry on the North Slope of Alaska, and and the outside tampered any given time was thirty below zero. And sometimes we would have wind chill hundred below and on the white out days. I mean, the white outs are blizzard where you literally can't even see in front of you. And we would actually have to we lived in trailers that were on skids, and they pulled them behind caterpillars, and we would we were dumping ground looking for oil, and we were actually oftentimes over seventy feet of ocean on the on the ice shaking the ice..

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