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And also with this policy, even as a first step, it should also address the exit of life the end of life. We have elders in severe illness who are flown sell off often their lives end away from community with no one there no support so I think immediately that the equivalent of this policy should be extended for elders. People should not have to fly south in these essential moments of a person's exists skating burst. Coming into the world or exiting the world in a physical for to me, that's just a tragic situation. But such medical myopia has hardly been confined to federal. Bureaucrats! May Two thousand eighteen. We asked why Quebec forced northern children flying south care to do so all alone. According to Dr. Samir Shaheen Hussein on trial pediatric emergency physician this meant parents had to take commercial flights often days later due to low availability. Joining me then were associate professor of indigenous studies at York. University Brock Pitta wannacry. Ken Williams Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta 's Department of drama. Kin the Quebec government set back in February that they would change this policy to allow at least one parent to accompany their sick child, but judging by this op Ed. Nothing's changed three months later. Now would I be mistaken.

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