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Stephen Hayes and David French all those in our role leaders you know that that that hated trump you know this guy is governed as I I went out on a limb and said he's gonna govern conservatively I've known this guy for twenty some odd years member I I put it all on the line like I always do right Obama we've we did the work of everybody else a listening are you just gonna ignore me S. plus I'm listening I'm letting you finish your thought so I guess they're starting some other group they left an RO whatever I you know I just look it is road kill failure for all of those guys and I I have nothing against them I don't do you know what some of them are smart some of the make great points I don't care that they don't like Donald Trump I don't care if they don't see his conservative style I don't care that they look down on talk radio and maybe and fox I don't care and I am listening a little bit somebody sent me a clip of Joan is on some guys radio shows libertarian it sounds Martin nice and you know I have nothing against like I either by the way the trying to say I'm I don't like Howard Stern actually love Howard Stern I just think the old Howard would have supported trump I couldn't believe the Hillary thing yesterday and but anyway every single thing these guys have been involved in sales the weekly standard was subsidized and it failed spectacularly bill Kristol and company and I don't wish my success is not predicated on anybody else's success or failure it's not I I want I kinda look if we agree eighty percent of the time and you don't like trump style or my style or what don't then okay well we agree on the other eighty percent I have friends that don't like the president I don't care I still like Lanny Davis and I hate Lanny Davis is political views what's well you know we like our friend what's his name from Chicago the bulls school of economics which is what I think will be Austin will be supporting bush to judge by the way which cracks me up no he's not yes I swear it's okay everyone when they walk into the booth makes their own personal decision I don't care what they say about now that's probably true I'm but I'm what I'm listening they're such in a lead isn't even within Republican ranks there's never been a president judges largest tax cut ending burdensome regulation finding money for the wall getting better trade deals yeah free and fair and he deals eliminating the caliphate in not in in Syria because he took off the hand counts in the rules of engagement you know what there's two hundred ninety accomplishments Washington examiners found out doesn't matter what he does we hated we're smarter we're better how can they keep failing and beg me when their books come out to be on the show you know this is news radio WFLA and I heart radio station good afternoon I'm Felix thing our top story of four thirty wildlife officials are using the hype of the upcoming Super Bowl in Miami get more people involved in removing some of the hundred and fifty thousand python slithering through the Florida Everglades there's a lot of interest in this not just in Florida but people in other states and even in other countries want to be able to come and help with python removal going around a Santa's there is announcing a ten day python bowl kicking on January tenth bass pro shops will provide cash prizes for python hunters to capture the heaviest longest and the most pythons the non native snakes are blamed for disrupting the food chain and the throughout the Everglades let's take a turn now to get a check on traffic.

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