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All right now that I look at interest, and I think the phone call was actually testing sure, And now he's back in the major leagues, which is all he's getting the call, which is actually a big deal, and if I had known this 15 minutes ago, we could've package this all as Brewers middle infield, which we could do anyway, listening to the show, anyway, people But your is back. So you know, kissing sure was a top 75 picked up 50 and so a lot of leagues Before this season, people expected him to have 30 home runs and that like 300. And he was adding first base eligibility. Now the Brewers are playing. I think Blake Snell tonight a lefty, and maybe they're facing other lefties this week, and that's why they're doing it. And you're obviously hit a triple eight. Nashville There was never a question about that. 4 38 with a 14 32 0, P s and three home runs, but we can't forget what he did with the Brewers won 52 batting average one home run a lot of strikeouts. We forget these were people here has got stuff going on his personal life from a fantasy baseball angle, Cassie. Sure it needs to be rostered in all week. Because of what we saw from him the past couple seasons. Correct. We're now all leagues. I Yeah, Probably. I hasn't just because he did still show the swing and miss in Triple A, And that's really been the limitation for him. But you're right. It's a good stretch of schedule. They do get four lefties over the next nine days. They're also gonna get Lester Corbin and Matthew Boyd. So it is. Yeah, it is a bit of an opportunity for him in the short term, and here's hoping that he does it right away. I mean, produces the numbers we expect in the preseason still is a good amount of pop. So what you thought about CASS Secura Say two months ago. Do you still think it here is roster and 42% of ESPN standard leagues, which I think is is reason reasonable based on the fact that he was the motive few weeks ago, But based on what we thought about him, do we do we still believe this is a guy with top 50 overall fantasy upside. You still believe that? So that's the thing I was never there. I'm that concerned about the strikeout rate he showed in the major leagues so far, but I also don't think he was far outside of that. And if we're gonna look at him as a more of a borderline top 100 guy on the high end, or at least the reasonably optimistic side, I think we're being fair Top 50. Don't feel like top. 50 was in the equation this year, and I don't know for sure. Do you have 100 tops? All right, so I could see he was. People were taking him over. Dominic Smith. Okay. Another bone and Bryan Hayes and Eddie Rosario and all these guys. Everybody loved testing. Jura. Yes, we're concerned about strike. Everybody loved Cassie. You, Adam, ranked in the top hunter. Let's not go crazy here again. I know. You know, we discussed him. I think if you read catching your in your top 100, maybe the word love is an accurate You liked him enough to have me 500? Yes, He's got great potential, but he's got to make more contact. That's all it is. And once he does that, I think that there is start among the horizon..

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