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On Twitter that today's Courtland Sutton day here in Denver you're gonna have to sell through no okay you're going to have to help me with the ruse no I'm not good at this you're so good at this so not good he just told me you'd best poker face and all of my heart well I I you know I was trying to brag a bit but you can't see my face on the radio yes just you're gonna have to find another way go deep dig deep on this one then a method we have to go method okay great great dig deep I mean you're already dressed as an old man today I'm assuming that you can play the role of Benjamin allbright with your ego and dressed like an old man I've got I got a V. neck T. shirt on is kind of a detail to it it'll it's plunging there's a plunging neckline they're listed know that it is old man undershirt keep going we're going to be a teacher Enix gene that is some tennis shoes on this this green thing that this this is that I got a wish after like five Bucks the screen soft cozy abhorred on it and it's just casual no no and then you slept on the glasses little while older a little while before and there was a moment there was a moment where he's like looking back at his phone in the looking forward and looking like it it happened so I need you to get into the method of yes I'm dressed like an old man but I'm still gonna bring scorching takes tonight well I bring the water to put out the scorching takes but always I would you know sort of object with hot flame thrower radio guy man well you changed up or sit here making fun of those guys nine items we do in the station we also have George story coming up in the next segment we're going to have hall of Famer Kurt Warner also course with NFL network by mature at Kurt thirteen Warner and Shelby Harris who's got a little bit of hot water with raiders fans after what he said on our program Broncos country tonight I am sure that Shelby will be very upset with the fact that raiders fans don't like it well he's just been basically having to deal with all the nonsense because they went and grabbed the segment he did interview with Alexis Perry out and showed up on our TV show Broncos country tonight a minute he kind of took some shots he took some liberties it was great actually was great this creek TV I mean I can't remember exactly how the quote went but Alexis was asking about the new stadium and about the fan base is showing up to watch Vegas and he kind of said yeah well I mean actually I kind of think that that's going to be an opportunity for other fanbases to show up and watch these games could be a destination but he's right I mean theres lazy about old people were gonna send from Denver out to Las Vegas to see the game I'm sure he's super upset the team that drafted him and gave up on him and their fans don't like him see that is what I actually want to talk to me about is is this kind of the deep seated stuff is he always going to have this relationship with the raiders and it shows a Bronco don't you want that well I do not I I absolutely do something because we always want the players to give us this kind of stuff but I'm thrilled that he did that like that's awesome make a bold but Voldemort you're you're the better team you should win that you single handedly won the game against the in the season last year so thank god they did they that's months of bragging rights and if I was Shelby Harris I would just have that clip gift and just sit there just actually we might play that come I will just check with that back every time yeah I'm not I'm submit some raider fan complained about me I would just send that gift in a tweet back to them what a fine that sound bite of Shelby Harris actively ending the raiders season yeah what will never like that coming into a lot of a lot of fun so shall be ours will join us in the all his fun fun personality always gonna be great the doctor Shelby I hit us up on Twitter at Albright NFL at or Edwards radio station at K. way Colorado we're gonna put a poll question here a little while we we missed it last night would be K. about Billboard will sort of subtly slipped in the Broncos were in on Tom Brady and so it's one of those funny things like there's that morning edition rugs get time no no we want somebody don't nobody don't want somebody but we asked John Elway there are some online it's a night what happened yeah they're not they're not going to somebody what he say it but you know we'll borrow yeah what gives some bad info with the longer I'm in this business the more I realize that there are guys that keep their trust single sourced information that is not accurate you know like Albert Breer had some comments that I know are not accurate about your bowls bee on the block and about them personally Jason Peters neither which is true you know and then if you've got this particular set up which is odd because we know that they were not pursuing Tom Brady John Elway basically laughed the question off at the combine so well you know if it's Tom Brady of course you take the phone call but we're happy with which would lock and it was kind of got a murmur from the media that was assembled in front of it because either way he was so dismissive of even go even trying to go after Tom Brady that they are all in on lock at the time and he said that the me put that out there he started told everybody there all and unlock it you said you still had you know hot take radio go out maybe they can't do in all the the get somebody feel like maybe they need Andy Dalton their way you know I do whatever it is for you Mr went on and the dog unfortunately ridiculous ridiculous things you need to get get some nerds out there trying to get James Winston brought in here yeah who's ever say that what would you do it right it was doing listen that argument was well if you've got a case to court or one that you can get enough interceptions in the color era you needed James to come out here I see this is this for me it was a color is starting I don't think James would be your starter through lectures donor why bringing because you're over sixty two percent of the team go to the back of quarterback and I happen to think this team is good are you on the other hand you for whatever reason I don't know if this is your chief heritage if you think the Broncos are gonna be crap without gridlock and that they'll be vying for a top five pick next year so I'd rather have a little bit better quarterback play behind drew lock knowing that a list of drug goes down that's okay big keep this thing on the rails for a little bit before July can come back stronger bust for me and after like is he in the Broncos make blouse in my opinion if he's out there a top five pick and that's that's just my opinion on it and to be honest with you I I don't want to stop gap in between there I do wanna be all in on get the playoffs or all in I get the traffic wonder how a veteran like Shelby Harris or von Miller think about that I would what I mean if I were to buy with them I would say we know that's probably we have the answer that off the record and that's not going to help you just for commercial breaks but you know who yeah but that was then this is now okay and I was out of season older for world we actually live in a different world and when that happened when I know the reference you're making your call home when that happens that was before he'd even played yet yeah so we're foreign one when he came in looking pretty damn good right so I don't know what your trying to stir up here me I could never you could ever did you try to like have an off air conversation on air is to try to sneak it into your ridiculous all right three oh three seven one three eighty five eighty five is our phone number fuel his up any questions you have common concerns that sort of thing so there were some positivity about the Broncos well are we gonna talk about the elephant the room you looking old well if we're gonna talk fashion we gotta talk you forms that were released today I mean what I would have the right you see those hideous uniforms yes your first I thought like Best Buy in the rams so it looks like it was like this the the good the bad the cut out of the guy where the uniformed like I feel like this guy should throw some khaki pants to try to sell me a salad bar see what it was it is about bye uniform and that's not even the worst year for both the bold white ones the Highlander stripe it's not great so you know I'm I'm I'm with you I don't know what else to say here Ben it's not great but I also Jennifer was really my thing like I don't I'm not getting into an action guy no not really so so what happens is there was like oh this is hideous and I'm like I mean I don't care like you know it's so we said this on Twitter I don't forget who said listen if they're winning nobody cares that that's ultimately what matters to me but people do want to rail on the rams I will say that I thought the Chargers uniforms for more statically pleasing I had to pick a uniform for your Ryan Edwards flag football team which one of the new uniforms would you have lit on fire and not even considered well none of them had the rams Unifor it's okay to just beside the right answer right answers the rams uniforms socks socks out loud I should not omit carpenter jeans so I don't know that's what I need I need like an alternate uniforms got like a weird denim thing going on are you which one was worse the falcons the rams the rams the falcons uniforms are as bad as everybody says they are you don't really care for the gradient but the rams uniforms are terrible that font looks like some kind of ridiculous Walmart fought for the numbers well what about the fact that the falcons ripped off the longest yard I mean there are worse things to ripoff thank you could have ripped off the soccer jerseys from Qatar like the rams did yeah their rates it's not great but I don't yes there's a high tech for me here I don't know if I care it's not great but the only thing I thought of that I I responded to your because they have the patch for the little squiggly thing up there or try to get used to it on uniform advertisement right like a great can years character for mistreatment when all said and done and didn't you know yeah this galaxy logo sit right down her response to the station I don't know as coca Cola I don't know your price W. tell either way so sure RC Cola whatever search Dr thunder Dr you go forward over your talk that's it that's probably already there ten minutes ago but yeah but yeah I I just thought that I thought I thought I saw a Best Buy when.

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