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Only african american gas stations in los angeles and if you can imagine i mean only now you mean now right now yeah if you can imagine you know the cars know capital of the world only having one black owned gas station it's pretty incredible it's amazing so you you leave los angeles and i from my stand on your map you had to arizona right right i go to phoenix arizona and one of the addresses that come i was the louis jordan hall now people who understand music and everything they know louis jordan is one of the pioneers in jazz and hip hop and rb and so i figured okay this is a great thing i maybe it's the saint louis jordan maybe somebody else right so i go there and it's a brick building kind of in the desert it was listed in the book as a tourist home listeners should think of an airbnb of of nine hundred fifty seven basically what you could do is you could go to a boarding home or a private home that someone owned and rent a row because you wouldn't be able to get a hotel so i knock on the door in the guy comes out and and i'm just you know hey tell him what i'm doing and i'm trying to figure out okay who lives here now and he says oh well this home doesn't belong to louis jordan anymore this home belongs to the nation of islam leader louis farrakhan wow no you don't think this going to be like mabel jones so it was incredible to find i found that you'll get history and present day kind of mix in almost all of these homes i gotta ask you a question you're trying to go tony black establishment suspend your money how to feel feel oh it was absolutely phenomenal and yet you mentioned the fact that one of the things i was trying to do was to see how much money i could spend their black on business and the the the whole point of that is to understand that black has always been one of the pillars of african american civil rights movement being able to have a business and then using that business to help build up neighborhoods and in one of the things that was great was the sea in particular all these young entrepreneurs particularly young african american women who were entrepreneurs we're taking risks this young woman decided to open up a vegan restaurant in the heart of south dallas that's a mighty long odds with delicious.

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