Robbery, Travel Ban, Hawaii discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Details sawn crops who was a second persons of interest beef charged with greek counts of criminal homicide three counts of conspiracy to commit a criminal homicide recounts of robbery also abuse of a core plan another challenge to the trump travel ban involving six mostly muslim countries federal judge in hawaii says refugees who have linked to hear a resettlement agency in the us can be exempt from the ban on route if you're gsm the judge ruled that relatives from those six nations can visit here attorney william stocks with the american immigration lawyers association the administration it really is intent on defending this ban i am sure they are going through now appeal and argue that fair interpretation of the supreme court language is real stormy weather in led to flooding in the plains of annoy governor bruce rauner says the fox river in the this planes river way up talks very well not rainer more things are just five or they're getting better they're not in fact for many of our communities and for residents along a river the craft's still has vowed they're hoping that one hundred thousand sandbags smell it may help keep those waters in check more than two million honda accords being recalled a battery sensor might short you risk having a fire geography could play into this says automotive news day versical incidents that have occurred have all been and what they call highsalt areas were salt is used on the roadway so i would say that your perhaps more at risk and a northern climate than you would be in a southern climate checking wall street the dow is up seventy two.

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