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Trading technologies ceo rick lane he told us earlier this will absolutely move the needle in terms of future volume while some good news for those who love watching initial public offerings action proceeds from the ipo's may be about to surge according to deutsche bank bloomberg rainy in a sense here reports the offerings in asia may lead the way mark hand tho global head of capital markets at db says the dialogue ongoing public globally is on steroids and he says the lord just deals will come from asia and the volume from more chinese companies selling shares the bank is said to be among advisors working on an ipo for the chinese smartphone maker sal me that one alone could target a hundred billion dollar valuation companies race two hundred and twenty two billion dollars from ipo's last year with ninety five billion of that coming from asia remy in asencio bloomberg daybreak asia all right hair worth thirty four past there let's get you caught up on markets the rally continues in hong kong the hang sang better by seven tenths of one percent china eight shares index is up now for the 20th session in the last twenty one trading days in shanghai different story where the shanghai composite is weaker by about one tenth of one percent we had some eko data for china earlier industrial profits for the full year 2017 higher by twenty one percent the december numbers though were the lowest print from last year but to put this into perspective you'd a backup take the twelve months in total for all of 2017 industrial profits in china totalled seven point five two trillion won we're seeing a bit of weakness right now in the dollar even so the end remaining out slightly weak although we are off the worst levels or of the day i should say in asian trading 109 45 in dollaryen the nikkei as a head by two tenths of one percent and in seoul the cosby is down now up by less than onetenth of 1 percent it's kind of been fluctuating here between gains and losses us 10year treasury in the tokyo session yielding two point six two percent and crude oil sixty five thirty nine on wti all right let's get you caught up on global news we'll go to hong kong hong roslyn chain is there with the.

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