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Do something. People talk rotates. What's waiting for you at home that you'd like to see the most after three days in an airport? The wow air flight on the departure board is still listed as on time and the self serve kiosks are still working, but they won't get you anywhere at Logan. Karyn regal WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio more troubles for Facebook. The social media giant being charged with housing discrimination by the US department of housing and urban development. The agency says Facebook technology illegally restricts who can view housing related ads on its platforms and across the internet. The claim comes after Facebook said it would overhaul its ad targeting systems to prevent discrimination as part of a legal settlement with a group. That includes the ACLU police in Seattle or calling it a random senseless act. The gunman opens fire and several vehicles and car Jackson. Another two people killed two others injured, including a hero bus driver who managed to stay calm during the ordeal. ABC's David curly has more the gunmen firing on a nearby county bus striking the Fifty-three-year-old driver. Eric stark in the torso. Did. Like a two second assessment of my injuries and figured well. I can breathe I can think I can see. Okay. We're getting out of here. I gotta get these people out of here. Stark wounded alerts authorities before he heroically turns the bus around and drives his twelve passengers to safety. It's one thirty eight..

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