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Exhibit had to say about a napalm as a black man. I understand discrimination and hatred so just to clarify the position that we at napalm cannabis. We by no means acknowledged justify or feel as though that we are promoting violence towards the asian community. We stand with the asian community. We plan to do many many things for our community and within our community not just to candidates community but the community at large was to talion with the asian community was used against japan in world. War two internationally in nineteen eighty by the un and so it was also using firebombs during the vietnam war but when called a lot of innocent citizens from him. I didn't think any that. I just thought it was a gasoline. This means that triggering for you is triggering for some other people. What is definition in so wasn't exercise reunion show. They can't do bombs over baghdad. Bruno mars can bruno mars. Drop view that out the window now to. I'm just trying to see where it stopped. Listen i guess if you're china's have a brand can universally appeal to people if a group of people doesn't like the name of it in it's triggering name for them then they have the right to say that when they now whether or not you decide to change. The name of your brand is on you. It's a form of gasoline. Do it's a form of gasoline like its definition in the dictionary as a jelly lake substance and form of gasoline wrong. Yeah but it's not. This use on civilians was banned internationally in one thousand nine hundred eighty by the un all the destruction and killing that it caused when they used it as firebombs. It would just know that. They're coming from bruno. Mars mex- when it comes to grenade and no more gasoline dramas no more gasoline adrenals. Oh my goodness all right. That is your room report all round. Yes even down could you. You know. I think we need to go to breakfast. Club court this morning Going to lay out the case for you but we need a the truth. Paul pierce to come to the front of the congregation. We would like to have a word with him. I don't know. Paul pierce deserves a hee-haw not but i'll let you decide all right. We'll get to that next. It's the breakfast cloak owning the breakfast club. Your mornings on never beat say angela here and the general insurance has been helping people save money for nearly sixty years. They offer the quality covered. You deserve at prices. You can afford make the right call and go with the general call. Eight hundred general or visit the general dot com some restrictions. Apply to meet your information on new york radio station to the planet. I go by the name of charlemagne to god. Co-founded the black effect podcast network. Restaurants are a cornerstone of american communities. And they need our support more than ever for many black on eateries systemic barriers further heightened by the pandemic have only increased challenges to success. Pepsi is on a mission to connect black owned restaurants to access businesses still ration- and visibility needed to overcome these barriers. So that they can share their. Enjoy your food. Which as many people as possible pepsi's new digging platform is a multi year multi million dollar commitment that provides tools and resources to help black restaurants thrive rallying food lovers to join the movement pepsi. Dig in said go to drive at least one hundred million dollars in sales for black owned restaurants over the next five years we invite you to continue to support the incredible range of black owned restaurants near you dig in and try something new joint commission and follow pepsi digging on facebook twitter and instagram pepsi's digging platform reflects pepsi's ongoing commit to amplify black voices for five black communities and be a part of progress. Km roy wood junior a stand up. Comedian i'm correspondent on the daily show with trevor noah. I'm a father. I'm a sagittarius. And i have a podcast called roy's job. This show is a therapy session for anybody who's looking for work. Wants to slap somebody at work or hiring somebody to work for them to eventually they can slap you do one part laughs. One part inspiration. I cannot wait to welcome you to royds job on. Iheartradio app apple podcasts. Off wherever you get your podcast. Don't give the day. Don't democrat so being a little bit of a mckesson for like adult. I've been called a lot of my twenty three years donkey. Yes doc you today. For tuesday april six. I think is going to the truth. Paul pierce listen. Social media is calling for paul pierce to get donkey today. I don't know if he's deserving of it but it's worth a discussion and breakfast club court this morning now. I'm not gonna ever discredit paul ten times. Nba all star two thousand eighteen nba champion two thousand eight nba finals. Mvp jersey retired by the boston. Celtics one of the greatest boston celtics of all time. You have to give it up paul pierce. He's a whole basketball legend in east streets. But just like. I give someone a credit for being dope. I have to give them the credit. They deserve for being stupid. If you haven't heard. Paul pierce has been fired by espn and I need to let the records showed it. I'm not giving paul pierce donkey today for what he did. I'm giving paul pierce donkey today for how he did it okay. He's out at espn parted ways fire. And whatever you wanna call it and people are saying. He was possibly fired because over the weekend he posted is g live of a smoking weed drinking some adult beverages and scripted. Dancing all around him. I totally missed all of this by the way On the weekend. I disconnect from social media pretty much not to mention between falcon and the winter soldier in the versus between the idly brothers and earth wind and fire. I was preoccupied. Okay but paul peirce. From what i saw. He looked like he was having the same saturday night. That millions of men were probably having all around the world. Okay we liquor scantily clad women. I don't care if the scantily clad woman is your wife. Does the weekend vibes but when you work in. Espn owned jointly by disney. If you are taking a good ethnic like this don't the graham live. That's why i said. I don't see paul pierce getting donkey yesterday for what he did. Put his how he did it. Let's go to fox. Sports radio one with chris dodd and rob parker for the report police. Paul pierce former celtics all star nba champion now and former analysts espn. Because he was given his walking papers today. A few days after that Viral video went went out with his instagram. Live of him. Allegedly smoking the ganja and a poker slash erotic dancer party according to reports. Espn appears have agreed to part ways and according to the new york post their sources say that one of the big reasons why they decided to move on from paul pierce an nba analyst on their network is because he chose to put the videos are on his own if he had been filmed knowing the exact same and they became viral. Hey it is what it is you all your private time Okay okay. I understand that. Can we hear some of this video brand coming out. We got fire coming out brands. We invest being my see media on eighteen to me. Her lavelle.

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