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Will did. I just hear you turn in the fellas onto a band called the police spoil. Where would we be without. You know you did not hear. That is fine. Hey by the way classic bateman why you just take a position before you even know what this shot is. No the shot okay. Don't make me quote glengarry. Glen ross here but a shot and just did didn't i guess i just did but also like always be closing but also know the shot. What is the shot i was. I took jason willan our channing yesterday the day before about you know. I went outside to my garage. The graduate separate from my house and there's a shingle from the roof. I was on the ground garage. Shingles do Vaccine and i'm staying there. Here comes another single straight from my face. Like oh god i think oh crap i gotta to get a new roof. It's been like over twenty plus years. And and then i call this. This contract for tracy in wisconsin a rufous something that Is on the top of a building. Sorry we're going to do. And so then he comes over and there's like my you know. Whenever it rains it floods my driveway. Then he's like we should fix a drainage under the got tip the driver and the and then i was like and then it turned into that thing where you're like oh god and everything and then like is home. Homeownership kind of a scam because there was a lot easier to live in an apartment. Jason do we have to ask the question. The question is are you okay. D- maybe you just have a really fat squirrel on the roof. Have you have you looked now. Yeah i could could be a real pain in the ass squirrel up. It feels like do you feel like do you feel like you're unraveling little bit me absolutely. Why don't you just go back back to the trailer you know. Things are so much simpler when wheels under your house down your house and you put a nice big trailer on the property. i would. Who is why not love that. Then they could get. Then then. Scott could knock on the door and say we're ready for you and five wasn't that was dax was living in a trailer while while he them. We're doing the house right. Yeah boy he bought that crazy huge trail. You saw it in. He's got that awesome trailer and then he had actually parked in front of the house is nice house and then like and it's a real. It's a real nice house. Mr. keep it. Real detroit live in a palace. Now thank you about. Yeah yeah old lifestyles of the rich and nail in it. That'd be a great show. It sells it so he would be a great new host if they were gonna redo that that. That's lifestyles of the rich and famous name. Robin robin leach. Leach is robin leitch dax hosting that show. It'd be like a cross between cribs and punk last style you know dax. He'd go through the house of the people who like you've gotta greenhouse year. How much did you pay for that. I was really and the person would be on the spot. It'd like i don't know there's gonna be. I mean those things. Go minimum million dollars animal right. That's pretty good. Shepherd stepped in for. Thanks john so. I get this wonderful email from this fellow. You're about to say hello to and in the email guests. Is this getting to the guest yet. You wanna what else do you want to bring. Smooth was pretty smooth. Okay four minute wait for the guests was already Up at so no. So you're gonna say it's just second and uh glove reverence on the dresser. Kimmy one will stop. shall we may khustar. I've never seen it. I don't may have to tom. Courtney down perfection. Starting to dress albert called the dresser. it's a classic all right. Have you guys seen whatever happened to baby jane. All right listen in an email and there's a new band called the police and in this email this guy says to me. And he's so nice and he says i know we don't know each other except for some running at a doctor's office you'll have to ask them about a very says he's really good friends with you guys and you and he would love to come out and surprise you so to set up on my god. Of course it'll be a great excuse for the to say hi to you and for me to get to know you. Dax shepard doing a repeat performance so like always as soon as they describe who this person is. You're gonna guess who it is because you play golf with him but now just humor me and let me get out some of his credits before you start boring meters with which iron neutrally day laney. This guy played mac for fourteen seasons on. It's always sunny in philadelphia machelandon new automatic rabbit. Look he has glowing skin. All the time doesn't he. Yeah i mean hail is all help. I'm exceptionally irish. And so my skin is always going to be alabaster. Same this if i shave it tends to get a little shy. It's got a lot of questions for you. Can we start with the listener. Do you know that. Rob is the proud owner of soccer team. Okay i know. tell me about that with. I can't believe we haven't talked about this rub at all yet. I i keep meaning to ask you. And i feel like you know that i'm a big football fan. Then you've avoided talking to me about it is trying to explain it cool. Okay do you mind if i do. I derail your own podcast for for the first five to ten minutes. Please do okay. I i reached out to to sean. Because i realized that yes. We played golf together. I don't know sean. Very well but But i i played a number of rounds of golf with with you. gentlemen. And i've i've met you numbers of times over the years player to. I'm sorry that's where you insert. But i'm a fan because had Yeah we'll get to that So but what i realized is over. The course of our relationships That while you're very cordial and sweet man and wonderful friends. I'm fairly convinced. And charlie. And i have discussed this that you have never seen anything. Not one seen one frame of anything that i've ever done and i find that to be quite amusing because i've never pointedly asked speaking. You're speaking of jason obvious. I'm speaking to both of you. I'm speaking to all. I have watched mythic quest so f. You bro really I know that your character's name is i m i in a grim wound your character. I'm not even googling. And i know that you guys do you rent a video game company and then you're coming out this new video so plants on amazon apple plus..

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