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Wanted us. I wanted myself to connect with the ecosystem of humanity is connected to incarceration Wang and Jialing Jiang's one child nations at the documentary award Joanna Hogg's the souvenir won the world cinema jury prize audience prizes. Went to the inspirational comedy Brittany runs a marathon. And the congressional race documentary knocked down the house, which tracks the rise of Alexandria Cossio. Cortes among others. I'm Julie Walker nine twenty at KNX. Well, we're seeing the stock market turnaround. Now, the Dow positive by thirty points after a sluggish start NASDAQ up sixty five and the s&p five hundred eight this after the star to any new years since one thousand nine hundred seven based on the January performance, and here we are on the second trading day of the month of February and moving higher tesla right now pretty much of the flat line at three hundred twelve dollars Maxwell technologies based in San Diego, but dollar fifty one at four dollars fifty cents that stock popping fifty percent on news that tesla is acquiring the energy technology company. Maxwell technologies for about two hundred eighteen million dollars. The British Prime minister strategy on Brexit taking another blow over the weekend. After Nissan cancelled plans to make its new SUV in northern England amid continued uncertainty over Britain's future relations with the European Union and global markets mixed today amid speculation of the next steps into dispute between the US and China over technology development and trade following big meetings in Washington this past week. We check in money aplenty and fifty each hour. The next update nine fifty rank Motech from the HMO's capital money desk. KNX ten seventy NewsRadio move over Atlanta. Here comes Miami more in less than ninety seconds. It's nine.

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