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Over the years all of these unions have become enamored of the of their ability to get away with murder the teamsters went went through this they're now much better much better off as a result of the monitor shift that's been in place for almost thirty years and but there are hopes that look at the United auto workers I mean they are understated yeah and and like likely to go into a monitor shipped a federal basically a trusteeship of and well hi guys I think the top twelve guys in the U. A. W. or formally pop twelve guys have all been indicted and they were I mean they were stealing supper luxury villas in resort areas Mr garner's I mean just everything yes the where with the lawyers who were doing the outside legal work for the United auto workers I mean that's my interest is where would the lawyers both inside and outside the United auto workers where were they the answer is there were nine they were doing their jobs properly and they were making a lot of money these union lawyers that work with these unions they get a lot of money and that most of the ones that I've seen do a very good job the United auto workers I can't imagine what in the world their auditors and their lawyers we're doing I cannot imagine yeah what's a let's look at a couple other things here from the deep state to be here I guess judicial watch's still keeps getting more and more of the page struck communications we why is it taking it why is the F. B. I. just dripping in putting these out in dribs and drabs why don't they just release everything I mean I thought Christopher Wray worked for president trump we've talked about it before but this is disgraceful so wow that's a big go ahead go ahead so you won't have to pick it up but the problem with Christopher rated he's not an FBI director you think he'd feel like anything is a bad lawyer anything like an accountant with a green eye shade he has no leadership qualities an empty suit it was a bad choice Chris Christie recommended him because Chris Wray defended him during Bridgegate anybody holding something in trial god bless and just you know trusted Chris Christie and he ended up with a horrible FBI director and if he is re elected I'm I'm assuming Chris ray is not long for this world because this this is an example of how incompetent he is they are protecting the institution they're not protecting the people of the United States and they're not obeying federal law on freedom of information act request and it's also a problem inside the justice department which represents the F. B. I. in federal court in it the civil division in main justice which bill Barr has not taken control of that we hear something from by the the judicial watch I guess the latest batch of documents that they've received remember when when when the Anthony Weiner laptop was discovered get supposedly discovered at the end and call me said that his agents had reviewed all three hundred thousand of the you know in a matter of hours they had a they had reviewed all three hundred thousand of the documents and they had exonerated Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing now according to red state reportedly only three thousand seventy seven of the more than three hundred thousand emails found on the Weiner laptop or directly reviewed for classified or incriminating information three F. B. I. can fit officials completed that work in a single twelve they support the day before call me again cleared Clinton of criminal charges this was only days before the twenty sixteen election well there's no doubt that the economy Hey Randall lane Sally Yates review of the Clinton email fiasco was in fact a fraudulent investigation which was designed to exonerate her James Comey took a dive so if the alley gates and everybody else in the justice department just think about this for a minute the FBI says we didn't find anything and everybody in the.

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