Swedish Academy, BBC, Doris Lessing discussed on Global News Podcast - Iraq Forces Retake Hawija from IS


I've learned enormous about from colombia and i'm learning from mexico presence hunters is an inspiration in a lot of ways but the other component is also this communitization of the economy needs to be at so are you looking to a similar solution the president santos found in colombia where you draw the criminal element into government we need this is precisely one component is a peace agreement with taliban you're talking about peace with the taliban to president trump is talking about victory eight is not victory that the west would understand anthems note that their own aim of the strategy is to provide the ground for a political solution and a political solution is a negotiated solution but we need to focus on this because we need to reduce violence the victory is actually peace big feat the main thing kfi is sustainable peace not any peace the president of afghanistan ashraf ghani talking to justin run out the nobel prize for literature has been awarded to the british author kosovo ishiguro the swedish academy said his novels have great emotional force and praised the japaneseborn writers exploration of the themes of memory time and selfdelusion arts correspondent vincent dow told me more he was born in japan and 1954 but perfectly fairly i think he's generally regarded as a british novelist he moved here when he was a very small child the citation reads they're often a bit flowery these citations for the nobel who in novels of great emotional force has uncovered the abbey's beneath our illusory sense of connection with the world make of that what you will he 62 about the aging reuters newmedia when they get a nobel prize for literature the last winner of the prize was doris lessing in two thousand and seven and i should say that when a very quick off the mark bbc colleague.

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