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In view offices like Phoenix, one of those assistant special agent charge is not co located with the SAC not in Phoenix, but in Tucson correct and was you. That was me if you like it. Oh absolutely, it was a fantastic experience, because not only did I got to learn about all these things that I had never previously experienced including not only border issues, but also what we refer to as Indian country crimes, so crimes on on native American reservations or among native American people but in addition to that. My supervisor was not like right down the hall. Is it was sort of like having the opportunity to run your own office, but you still have a safety net because your bosses two hours up the interstate. And, so he's accessible, but yet you're still sort of on your own on a day-to-day basis now. You told me that John Lewis who I didn't have the. Meeting was not a warm and fuzzy type, but then he was a great mentor. He was John could be. Polarizing to people, some people really liked him and some people really. Didn't, but he was very clear and confident in his direction. I appreciated that. He also was a man who knew what he wanted. And so I paid attention to that, and he didn't know me when he hired me as his deputy as his ASEC in Tucson. But we ought to know each other through that experience and of course. Being the new person I wanted to impress the boss so for his first visit when he came down to visit me a few weeks into my job, I had a whole agenda lined up for him I wanted to reassure him that he had made the right pick that he had selected of the right person for this job, and so I lined out this agenda where we were going to meet with. With this chief for this sheriff and we were going to receive this briefing, and this squad was going to tell them about this case, and we were going to do all of these things and I had a very structured agenda lined out for him and I remember distinctly that he came down that day, and I told him I showed him the agenda and he said that that's all great but the. The first thing we're going to do is visit Ruben and Ruben was. He was a linguist, a translator for the Office for the Phoenix Field Office located in Tucson, but he had not been at work for a while because he had a terminal illness, and you mentioned by the way earlier that about two thirds of F. B.. I. Employees are not special agents. Ruben was one of those people correct not. Not a special agent who is not a special agent. He was what we again term professional staff, but really important to the mission of the FBI critical to the mission of the FBI so his specific job is a member of our professional staff. cordray was as a translator as a linguist..

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