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Because it's a very big brother is not the game to be like things are. Awkward, and I'd rather not talk about it. So I'd rather just let them go home. I wonder if any of it also could be the subconscious subconscious like Jonathan is a juicier target. We could just get him out now. And I know that I don't I don't necessarily see any of them thinking in terms of like keeping him around as a shield as much, but I I'd it'd be it'd be difficult if you're playing a game, and you know, that it's so short, and they're so few people you might as well try to get some people offers. I mean, that's that's certainly a possibility. But I think I think given the fact that they were perfectly willing to work with Jonathan at the start of the week to now they're not willing to I think, it's I think it's less. The fact that he's a big target and more just that like I don't like him anymore. Like, I feel like he's against me. I feel like Ricky told us that he wants to nominate us. So I'm not I'm not a big fan of that. I mean, I think that really if you're looking at this from the perspective of Lolo Natalie, and especially Tamar, candy, actually is the bigger threat to them if they can get on the same page with these guys who desperately want to work with them than than candy is the person who actually doesn't like the women and would come after them. Whereas these guys if they want h h would probably not they would still probably be after Tom and Kato. So it's interesting to think about and again, I think Ricky deserves a lot of credit here for for instigating this stuff between these two groups. So we have. Natalie speaking of Tom, Cato, Cato, Tom Lolo and Natalie are going to confirm their deal that we talked about last night. That happened to the previous night. You know? Hey, we're good with each other. We're going to keep each other safe. Everything's gonna be fine. And they're like, all right. Good. We like this. And then they talked about math, and it was bad. Yeah. I Tom you said Ricky is instigating a lot of this that he's definitely benefitting Tom Cato, also benefiting my all of the different groups going at each other. And I think it'll be interesting to see if it ever does come to head between Ricky on one side and Thomas essentially on the other who would win out in that scenario because I do think Ricky probably has more pull their, but Tom has a little bit more game savvy. Yeah. I mean, what's interesting to me is that this group had they worked together or even if they can still pull together and work together, they should be the ones controlling the game. They have the majority, and this is this is a situation this season where the quote, unquote, outsiders are seemingly going to be the ones that the gather up all the power largely because of what Ricky's doing and because Tom is savvy enough to recognize the opportunity, so we have base. These these two Lolo Natalie and Tamar versus Jonathan Joey. And Ryan they're battling it out low low and Natalie have given up the middle ground to Tom and Ricky and their ilk. So that's that's not great for them. But it's it is great for Tom and Ricky because now Tom is recognizing. Hey now, there's candy who doesn't like the women. She's easy to pull in. Maybe I should go talk to her. There's Ricky who's still kind of a alone wolf we can work with him as well. We've got myself where we've got this deal with the women and Jonathan's being taken out and the women are going to be betraying the men's of the men are going to go after the women. So everything's looking great for Tom. And he's playing it exactly how he needs to and just low key enough that it's working for him. So this this sort of outsider group that that wasn't the initial like, hey, let's all get together and hang out, and I didn't even mention. China who is obviously very close with Kato in there for close with Tom..

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