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Backward, let's go back in time on this date. In reds history, we begin way back in eighteen sixty nine. Thousands of spectators lined the streets of Cincinnati for a welcome home parade for the red stockings who returned home from a perfect twenty and a road trip, nine, thousand, nine, hundred seventeen Fred Tony pitches to complete games on the same day in a double header against the pirates. He tossed a three hitter in the first game, a three hitter in the second game he won twenty four games that year he pitched three hundred and forty innings. Good golly nineteen, thirty four on this date, the reds lose an eighteen inning affair and the first game, but doubleheader versus the cardinals at crosby field. Get this courage, pitcher, dizzy, Dean and Reds Pitcher Tony. FREEDUS each tossed seventeen of those innings. How is possible? They eighteen, sixty, four, the red score four on the ninth on this date to tie the game and Pete Rose homers in the tenth to beat the cubs at Crossley. It was Chevy at Westwood. Night at the park rose was presented a baby buggy prior to the game in anticipation of the birth of his first child Pete Junior. I'd never heard that story. This nineteen seventy Tommy Helms becomes the first reg player to hit a home run at Riverfront Stadium. The reds win their first game at the new park. Nine to over the braves. The drive-by Helms hit the netting on the left field foul pole. It was the only home run. He hit that season. Nineteen seventy-three, as mentioned the how king game down to their final strike in about the fall, twelve games back to the dodgers, the third string catcher pinch hits hits a game winning home run. The reds win the doubleheader. They go sixty and twenty six the rest of the way to win the National League, West, this eight, nine, hundred and seventy-five Joe Morgan drives in the winning run in the fifteen reds beat the Astros eight, the seven riverfront, their fourth extra inning win in five days. Nineteen eighty-three, the enquirer reports on this date that minority stockholder Carl Linder makes a bid to purchase controlling interest to the team from the Williams brothers He'd have to wait sixteen years until nineteen ninety nine. You become a general partner. Nine hundred five Bob House, retires reds, president and CEO. How he's not in the hall of fame is beyond me. Nineteen ninety-three I forgot about this one Joe Oliver Mrs Three Games because of a seven stitch Gash on his. His finger incurred well unloading the dishwasher at his home. The injury was part of a string of devastating injuries that saw the reds lose seven regulars that season they used a club record, fifty one players that year nineteen ninety-six. Forget about this one. How Morris Breaks is elbow in a freak accident during a reds win over the cardinals in Saint Louis he's kneeling on deck. Circle Eric Davis takes a swing at the plate and breaks his bat the barrel. Sails through the air like a boomerang. And Hits how Morris in the elbow breaks his elbow. And finally on this date in one, thousand, nine, hundred nine, the reds win their tenth zero beating the diamondbacks at synergy all right there you go. I, love. Those are a nightly on this date in reds history, right? Let's round it out with home runs. Tom Ram listening offers up this I. Love to see this. When way back in the sixty says wally post hit a Roy Hobbs type home. Run at the Old Busch Stadium. It knocked down part of this sign in left field that is tremendous by the way Roy Hobbs on the TV. Right now up here on the Monitor on MLB network the natural. What fantastic movie! Love! That movie one more? Date we go, Hey, pat. Hey. What's up how you doing time? Well, what do you got for me? We've got a good one for you. Thousand and Some of the lost years of the red, but Dion Sanders made his return to major leagues. Is First Batty singled up the middle first. Pitch Second Pitcher home three run home run. Third Time he had a bunch single then he stole a base and you know who that that home run was off. Deo, nomo! Eric Gonyea. Don't hang. You'll is back and look at fast that Eric. GONYEA, being the most dominant one inning pitcher ever. He was hundred and sixty pounds. He was about the size of Dion Sanders Dionne hit one. Out of the energy than, but it was just freezing comeback Friday. One that people don't remember today that the place was electric that night. That's a good one. That's a good one to wrap it up with that Call absolutely, thank. You have a good night. That was may second of two thousand and one three for three, a three run homer, seven six win of the dodgers, energy field hit the first pitch for a single, the second one for a homer, a receiving his first career curtain call after the home. Run there you go he. He was thirty three years old at that time. I wish I had more time I don't I would have talked more about you gotta include somewhere on these Barry Larkin becoming the first shortstop major league history to go thirty thirty when he hit that thirty th home run in Nineteen ninety-six, I'd include Ken. Griffey Juniors bottom of the eleventh inside the park home run to beat the cardinals, I would include well, certainly in the conversation Todd Frazier's Homerun for Teddy Kremer in two thousand and twelve, I would add joy vodkas home run for super bub. A few years ago, I would put. I put Joey votto walk off Grand Slam on Mother's Day Two Thousand and twelve. You'd have to include somewhere Joe. Random walk off homer on opening day, five and Ramon Hernandez, and his three run walk off homer on opening day, two thousand eleven all right tomorrow three hours live some fun. Talk a little reds, baseball or off the beaten path a night early since I'm not here, Friday will be our traditional. Fourth of July weekend, topic the outdoor games we played as kids. Always have a blast with that one This was pretty cool. You know there are some nights. We pull things out of thin air The last two nights we've had topics just pop up out of nowhere. That turned out to be fantastic topics. Thank you for one year contributions to for listening and and three. Overall supporting the show. Straight up nine o'clock that I'm on time for change. Let's check news and Gary Jeff Walker with the NIGHTCAP Arnelle carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W..

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