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Know and then they remember there was this movie that my sister and I watched all the time when we were kids operation dumbo drop I don't know if anybody seen it like from nineteen ninety six like Denis Leary and they have to fly an elephant like through Thailand's my grandfather he's like in his late eighties at this point he latches on to this idea you're going to fly these cattle out of there you're going to do it there any wilderness might be like designated wilderness like you can't have machines in their their that high up but he starts making phone calls and he finds a helicopter pilot who's just like thinks it's the funniest thing he's ever heard and he agrees okay I'll do this I will fly these five cows out of the mountains for your privacy so that you can like die happy and so Bruce Gordon who's the helicopter pilot agrees but it's like pretty treacherous there yeah there fifteen miles from like any road the third over twelve thousand feet they can't lands because it's really snowing so they make this epic plan my dad into friends get in the helicopter and they have to jump out of the helicopter with a tranquilizer gun yeah and then swing one cow at a time and hang it below the helicopter and the helicopter has to fly eighteen miles to the nearest corral and thinking how off and then go back to pick up the next one so they do this successfully and everyone who drives by just keep stomping because the house like literally flying through in the winter it turns into a huge party because everyone's like I'm just going to go to my car and get a Nalgene full of tequila from the truck and severance like they're drinking there to kilo like ships are materializing big thermos of coffee and you know my grandfather probably did not break even on this proposition one eighty five pounds with no economic value left anymore but he preserved his pride and had a great party he feels group ranging in western Colorado and since then has tried her hand at least a great manager cheese maker teacher.

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