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You can vote for against or undecided. If you're tuning in on podcast you can click the Lincoln. Our show notes as well okay. Let's meet our debaters again. The resolution is this. The global financial system was better prepared for the pandemic then for two thousand eight and arguing for that resolution. I want to say hello. I Jason Furman Jason. Welcome to intelligence squared. Us great to be here Jason you've debated with us before and you're one of President Obama's top economic advisers and you served as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors from two thousand thirteen to seventeen year now at Harvard University. Your professor of the practice of economic policy. And we just WANNA say it's great to have you. We love the way your debate in the way you present an argument so thanks for joining us. It was in person so but this is the best we're going to do and we are pleased to be doing it. Also with Jillian Jillian. Welcome back to intelligence squared. You're the Financial Times the US and chair of the editorial board. We WanNA thank you for joining us and I also want to put another a little bit of background for those. Who didn't attend our previous iteration of this debate back in two thousand nineteen we debated on the resolution. Ten years after the global financial crisis system is safer. We had Jason Furman and the L. Cash Gari Arguing for the resolution arguing against we had scheduled Jillian and Kenneth Rogoff except Jillian. We missed you. That evening during Due to a flight mishap so at the eleventh hour our chairman Rose Rosencrantz. Took your seat and he argued in your place. We're going to hear from him a little bit later in the program. So we're sorry to have missed you. Then as Jason said we're sorry that on personnel but we are delighted to have you here and to have both of you making your cases for the side that you're on in this time of pandemic and let's move onto round one round one..

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