Mohegan Bluffs, Block Island discussed on The Patricia Raskin Show


To the island you know somebody comes to the in to the sixteen sixty one and they say to you rita what do we do you know do we walk around the island do we go to the beach do we take a tour what do you say do all of it what would you say to people well it depends on if they are physically minded in the sense that they want to get on a bicycle and do one of the many actually their forty miles of walking trails on the island that the block island conservancy and nature conservancy monitor so i would find out first what their ideas are some people just want to go to a hidden beach such as to the right of mohegan bluffs where there there's going down the my ideal would be to rent a bike or bring your own head up spring street and go east west and circle around right now there are over a hundred deal three varieties of feels that are migrating and that are at the north end and you can walk right up to them she can drive your car or bike or impact these are very reasonable on block island you could be like island taxi tour nothing there but it just depends on what the individual would like zoo so much to do really so much to say work i'm going to give our listeners the reservation office the eight hundred number.

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