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Wow. That voice that came in on route. But you hear that? Throat. What's Brian wasn't finally woman just storming into the recording studio? I will say the sounds identical to the kiss the girl song from the little mermaid. Yeah. This is actions identical which ripped off came out in eighty nine. This came out. Making you got some explaining to do possibly that's on had already been written possibly, Terry Meacher, whoever the fuck out hurt it possible, Charles Manson producer was also a guy behind the scenes little mermaid, we'll yeah. Acidly this moment, you saw great movie. I wanted to light a hold up a lighter during that. I to be honest, just let them know that like everybody knows. Kokomo? It has so much to do on the time and place where you hear this. And how you feel about it like few songs matter that much. But like if I heard this on the radio when I was in traffic, I would not even listen to it for a tenth of a second. However, if I was very high in a public park at someone was playing it. I would let it be a communal song. If it's a song a bunch of people you like or like singing, you get into it. If. Good where it's not good enough. Not on any mix that you're gonna listen to yourself having sex to this, all guess. I would love to try having sex to something else. Kokomo and it needs to be the video to see stamos. It's very complicated. Stamos that actually wouldn't be that crazy because in this video. Yeah, I get it. He's looking like sixteen though, which feels a little weird. Hair? Come back. Give me that. So, you know. Full-fat baby. To. Jokers eat so much stay most of yogurt that I shit like, Jamie Lee Curtis. I want to be creek yogurt nothing. You can read it. It was like what are some other yogurts? All right, Dan, and Daniels. Keep going play stump. Stay mogre. Kokomo play. Wait. This is crazy to come in at the end here and say, this is Kokomo imaginary place or is it like a head space. Oh, everybody knows. Does everyone have their own personal coke is the way the times at which they like add permanence to in like beach truck bodies in the sand. It's like well don't do that. Yeah. But I wonder if it's all about it's all about vibes. Yeah. Oh my God. It's okay. Rican. Text relies it. It's a broke couple that are trying to reinvigorate their lives like trying to find the spark again, and they don't have the money to go on vacation. So they close their eyes and talk about all the things they would do if they just started dating could go to an island, and it's just a fucking head space. Nothing more. Makes me sick now and the sex Tolo makes no sense. No, that's that's playing at the subway. Trying to get bus. Original version was like in the past tense, and I was like more wistful. So maybe there's some like threads of that. Maybe you actually are to something with that versus everybody knows a little place like Kokomo. So maybe it is like everyone has their own mental Kokomo mental or like even like for me. I like the beach. Oh for me. I like to go to the mountain house office. Enjoy working. Kokomo has enough money to fly a private? Yeah. We all know what that's like fellas. And my right. I also like that it says now if you wanna go and get away from it all go down to Kokomo what? But you said everyone knows has their own cocomo. It's just like a really good brand deal with sandals resort. Yes. One hundred percent plays at every fucking like hotel function in any Caribbean. Located on stop any over Hilton in this version of this where they say. You to heal to every other word. I'm so mad this..

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