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We have the meats and participating for a limited time, fourteen forty Michigan. I've ain't nothing run over the last few minutes and fourteen seconds where five of their last seven shots. They forced March urging the call yet another time out and go back to resent Aaron Wiggins is in Aaron Wiggins, where's number two in red. He's a freshman. Six six hundred Pounder from Greensboro, North Carolina, number three prospects in the entire state of North Carolina. We also goes with Joshua Tobias. Brandin John's is in for Michigan and a kickball by Jordan pool. So granted John's in for John Tuskegee, I dig off some engine allies Ahah livers, but his Brandon John's. What's it tell you if anything well, I mean trying to get some production out of his bench for for number one? I mean, you got to scrimp bench come tournament time Cowen on a strong take right side. Air balled. It rebounded by John's to Simpson pushing left to right to the trailer bras day one more corner. Three for pool rimmed out tapped out of bounds off, Brandon John. That's a pretty basketball and a pretty break gear. I mean, all starter were pool. One in the Florida way he did run into the corner. And all of a sudden you've got a trailer there. I mean, you got the defense gotta take an option. Whether I'm going to pick up this guy Cuomo pick up the trail. Jalen Smith will take off. Now, he'll give it up to number ten sorelle Smith junior a shoulder shake and crossover against bras. Davis tosses right wing. Now, they live into Smith Smith. Pivots leans off the window through and drew a foul from Davis. Wisconsin Michigan often as fast start talked about their defense. They have a thing of guard your own yards in Michigan right now is taking individual matches. And they're women double team running all over core along guys who get warmer jumpers to start as long as Ahah liberties in for Ignace bras. Geico's Smith a sixty six percent free throw shooter missed it. Long rebounded by Matthews. Smith reach double digits in his first game ever at Maryland. This year. He was the first to do that since what Williams in nineteen seventy Buck Williams? Really good basketball player wasn't. He played against. Yeah. Simpson. Left wing for litters. A jab step now drives baseline sealed off on a double team seventy shoot to John's point for Matthews across over dribble against Wiggins between the legs and other crossover now forced to take a three airball thirty airball from Michigan in the open half. They lead it fourteen four they'll be Maryland mall. Like to see Miskin punch. Deb ball inside your on that parameter then work off of that. I know they try to drive baseline but Maryland's doing a good job. I couldn't have baseline on. Cowan bounce pass. Intercepted by poll up Simpson. He'll post in and lay it down sixteen four wall. Rain data Simpson has. Good look by Jordan bul up head count between the circles are ups delivery or the game snip man's off to number ten sorelle Smith. Cowan back on the right wing for Wiggins. Wiggins tosses inside to my to my it's walked with a livers up in the air..

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