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Tournament was such an event reaching far beyond tennis fans than national borders to teenagers from richly varied ethnic backgrounds. Neither of whom seemed to have the faintest hope of even making it past the first round of the competition played beautiful tennis with determination. Self confidence and yes. Joy the winner. Emma rod kanu is an englishwoman born to a romanian father and chinese mother whose parents moved from canada when she was two she crowned each victory with an incandescent smile that combined equal measures of pleasure and disbelief. It was the smile that stayed with one former tennis player. Slovakian daniela hantuchova. That smile comes from the heart. It's pure it's real. She said her. Wish for ms rod kanu was that she managed to keep that smile and she might have added that the rest of us managed to keep ours as well. This column was written by ned. Temuco in london for the monitor. A reporter looks novel way of building coastal resilience to erosion as this approach a temporary sandcastle or something to be emulated alan robertson wasn't expecting to lead an islands response to rising seas but the retired banker from chicago loved oceans and shorelines and ended up leading a fifteen million dollar project to build new natural looking dunes to protect taibbi island georgia as he began to immerse himself in the politics of sand. I suddenly entered the matrix. He says now. I can't look at this without seeing all the processes at work at its heart so called beach. Re nourishment is a herculean form of saint castle building. It is expensive and critic say it may be futile yet. With america's coastal defenses buckling and one hundred million americans living in coastal counties. It is becoming an important adaptive response to rising seas and storm surges. Clearly we are creating conflict every time. We put a new house or a new road right on. The coast says jen's finglas a coastal engineer at texas am university. But at the same time to move forward and to keep economy's going we can't remove ourselves from the coast so we have to figure out ways to live with it so that we are doing this with nature not against it. The story was reported by patrick. Johnson and taibbi island georgia for the monitor. Our.

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