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It. That's kind of what I want to see him do. Just go out. Is that a drew blood cell reference? Yeah, yeah, you don't know that from Super Bowl. I just wanted everybody to make sure that they knew it. Yeah, just go out there and sling it. I just kind of want and heat, again, he did that sometimes last year, but I just want to see him go out there and throw the ball around the yard a little bit. I think he'll be in a better position to do that this year. I don't think he alone was the reason that he was kind of timid at times last year, but you know, he's got the full year under his belt. I think he's built up a real good rapport with some of these receivers. We'll see how he gets going with Parker. He's already thrown with. And then with taekwon Thornton, but I want to see him push the ball a little bit more, hopefully they build an offense around, you know, they build an offense that kind of facilitates that. That's the big one for me. Just being more confident what he's doing now that he has a year of experience under his belt. Yeah, I think that's exactly where I was going to go with it too. I think it goes hand in hand with improving velocity, which I think is something that he's worked at a time, especially in the off season with Tom house and some of the other people that he's been training with to get a little bit more zip. You're not going to go. We see this all the time. You're not going to go from where he was last year to Josh Allen status in terms of arm strength. But you can improve it within the margins..

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