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They've turned the ball over seven times the last two games failed to a clips twenty points of offense of output in back to back games. But we know with Mike Tomlin. They Steelers happen to play their best. Football when the lights of the brightest since two thousand fourteen seventeen and four straight up in primetime thirteen seven and one against the spread. And you look at their point differential. They're I mean, they've been nothing short of outstanding life for the chargers. Also without Melvin Gordon, but what are some of the angles that are worth attacking here. As far as the numbers concern, some group points there. I'm just intrigued to see this match of because you have the number one and number two teams battling out in net yards per player. I liked the idea if you're backing Pittsburgh. You don't have to worry about Tomlin being outcoached right in the main element. I think there is aside from the in game stuff that's concerning with Tomlin is kind of his ability to always have his team prepared and show up. So far this season. We haven't seen that that hasn't been an issue even last week the scoreboard shows loss, but Pittsburgh was minus foreign turnover differential. I think it's a positive that in like this horrific spot. They went into Denver outgained the Bronco. By one point one yards per play were eight percent. More successful offense of snaps than Denver. We bet the Broncos. I tell you. We were fortunate to cash that one taught. This game gets flexed into primetime. You can make the case both positive or negative. However, you like this game you can spin it in your favor. Certainly there's data that shows west coast teams perform better on the east coast when playing later in the day, but you mentioned how well Pittsburgh performs in prime time. So I think we're kind of treating those two elements as like this washing out affect a canceling of each other. When I kind of poked around on the Melvin Gordon thing spoke to some guys on Monday. There wasn't this real consensus of his value. We kinda make him worth a point in this specific situation. You look it out. Pittsburgh defended the run last week. It wasn't. It wasn't good. So I think it's a positive that that Melvin Gordon is out certainly Austin cler. He's more than capable catching the ball out of the backfield running it, you know, not so much show. It is a little bit of a downgrade. Initially in this game. Just kind of going over my thoughts. I liked Pittsburgh than I said feels a little funky. This was a tough game to me. But I just. I'm not sure what the chargers are. We love them. We've loved him for a few years. There's a boatload of talent there. I'm not quite sure what they are. You look at the schedule wins against buffalo. San francisco. Oakland twice the Browns. Cardinals titans. Their best win is at Seattle and that took some work late. And this is a Seattle team. It's been outgained by over two yards per play. The last two weeks could easily be foreign seven instead of six and five. That's their best win. What the chargers are. Yeah. I mean the question I have I mean going back to the chargers may be defensively. I mean, we talked about how stopping the run could be a challenge. Once you lose talented middle linebacker like Denzel Perriman. But meanwhile, the Steelers you look at James Connor, and you almost wonder if he's going to recruiting off period or hitting a wall, given the workflow that they've put on his shoulders, three straight games. Now without one hundred yards from scrimmage where he averaged one hundred thirty five point six yards from scrimmage in weeks, one through nine he's dropped down to less than seventy five per over the last three how important is it for the Steelers to make sure that they can get Connor involved. Whether it's running between the tackles where catching balls out of the backfield because you reference Tom Brady's quote about playing more conservative. You know, at this advanced age not wanting to turn over Big Ben came out this week and had the exact opposite thing to say. I'm gonna go out there. I'm going to have the gunslinger mentality. I don't care what it means turning over the football. Two completely different dudes. And we we talked a little bit about this..

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