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People and innovation forward. 5 45 and over to Dave Johnson. Hey, this Wimbledon. This will and tennis for the plenty of drama and not just with the name Janelle, but even names that are kind of hard to say sometimes. Never ending tiebreak between rude and not Ramos vinolas being watched by another point. I've been trying all morning to say that I can't say that guy does from radio with their terrific. But Casper Ruud did get his first one of them win beating Albert. A rude, by the way, the secret to success before every match, plain rice with chicken, some olive oil and salt. If you want to try that at home. Now, today, Rafael and center court and he's playing through that foot pain. The toughest thing when you have too much pain, not playing tennis, the problem that I had is I have been walking every single day. So I get that. You have pain, but you play through it. That's what he wants to do. And he will today also to action today Serena Williamson, coco golf. I'm a kill Franco drew on home in the 8th did he lift the nationals three to one of the pirates Davey Martinez team you know what they now won three of the last 5 games? My defense is playing better. Everything, you know, as a whole, we're hitting the ball. You know, the main thing is, yeah, as we talked about, our pictures are keeping us in the ballroom. The pitching, Eric fetty didn't have his best stuff last night, but only allowed two runs in 5 innings Orioles 9 to one of the Mariners adley rutman. You know what? He is now hitting three 82 of the last ten games. John wall, the rockets are green to a buyout. He'll still get 41 million from the rockets expected to sign with the Clippers. It doesn't add up. They're now 4.8 million pickleball players in this country, but only 10,000 courts. Dave Johnson, whatever you

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