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We launched a bunch of podcasts last week including the ringer gambling show. That's launching this week. Warren sharps gonna be with joe house. Chris vernon ben soul actually times a week. Jj distracts is gonna go on there. Every once in a while. I might pop on there. We might do some baseball playoff gambling. At some point we might have some basketball in the basketball season starts so get ready subscribed to that followed for free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. We also launched the ringer. My may show aaron. Hawaii chuck bennett all pizza. Carol there's ufc event last week. They came on green room. They talked about it then after the card they did another -nother green room that we turn right into a podcast so Reaction pods for basically the best. I don't know twenty two. Ufc events of the year. There's another one coming up this week to so far. That is one. Keep your eye out for our news. Chicago podcast that. We're launching with jason gov. I will give you the details as soon as you can. Follow it on spotify where passed but it's going to be called the full. Go jason gov three times a week chicago podcast. Coming up a special two part extravaganza. The causes back. It's our fifteenth year. Not only gonna you guessed the land. You have to wait 'til part two for that but apart wine we're going to talk about our favorite future bets for and against all the over unders for win totals really fast delos speed round and breakdown. Everything needs about football season. This is part one two part extravaganza with 'cause it's out. I our friends from project. All right we did it. We made it to our fifteenth year of guests. The lights cousin. Sal is here you could see him. He has the extra points network. Sound a bunch of podcast. What else would you give the pugs right away. Who cares extra points. Podcast network. Extra points dot com fox live. We're doing some shows but not every day. I don't even know how to explain that. But it's great to be back for year fifteen night and we were going over before the show the things that were older then. Yeah today that gets. The lines is older than even though to be fair. You would come up with this concept. You did it with With darrin would care farley kit. Yes yes we started working together at jimmy kimmel show in two thousand and two. We started doing guest the lines. Even i don't even think show launch at. You pulled me in then. We started doing on the phone. After i left and i always thought this could. We should be radio. Show turned out to be podcast and here. We are fifty. And we've made a lot of money guessing lines getting that advantage on everybody else knowing guessing the lines ahead six on a no fuss but yeah so what are we older. Then what is older than We're holding then breaking bad right. That came out when that come out. Oh eight yet looking at that Sons of anarchy clone wars real housewives. New york. City the vibrating razor. I think siri crews were older than i mean. We're fifteen were. We're gonna get our period any day now than kevin durant. nba career. Yes yes we're older than any moment that you remember from steph curry. 'cause he had the to david sent in two thousand eight and two thousand nine really do who was before then right. And he became steph curry Yeah those are some good ones. Yeah i think we inspired kevin durant career at thank the sopranos kyle. Sopranos ended A a month before us or something to three months before and then it took you that long to recover to actually be able to do it but you're still upset. I'm so upset. I actually thought that would. That's what guest lines was just discussing the sopranos ending for fifteen years managed. You've been since. I've known you still has got better. I made the mistake of telling you thought at age well and you got battle every now. Everybody loves the sopranos ending like only one that by the way. I know you have a lot of football discuss. But you can be jealous and mad. But i saw the sopranos movie this weekend. Oh wow some sort of jimmy thing. Jimmy chase on tuesday wednesday. I never get that call anymore. Just as france. we assume i'm like ten levels below. Get and i just. I don't i don't water the planet of jimmy. Now i just don't get those. That's what happened you're gonna love. You're gonna love it so when we started guest the lines in seven. Yeah the patriots. Get randy boss that year and welker They blow out the jets in week. One we do guest the lines and then the next day all hell breaks loose and spy gate happens. I think that happened on like basically by. By the time our pod was up the patriots had become villains in that became a running theme. That whole year your eating to the super bowl. The tyree catch they lose. And then we've done. I mean we have the call in. We'd be yeah it'd be at the super bowl calling from some shady hotel connect for We did some in person we went to. it was super bowl in dallas. one year. i think we did guest lines in person we did in vegas. We did the other. Preseason thing in vegas yeah. I mean to be fair. That's when spy gate started. But they've been cheating for many years before that that's just when they got busted. Well there would be chidi getting this years ago. Twelve and five I thought we could. Actually let's go big picture i okay. I feel fantastic about the patriots and later. How do you feel about the cowboys. Are you feeling. I'm feeling great. Zack martin al out. With covert and already. They have more guys out with kobe than they did. All of last year. So shrek and great. Now we're going to get. I think we're gonna do rapid-fire over on there. And i believe in this team beyond the week one but Yeah not a great start right off the bat did hard knocks make you feel better worse now i cringe with the hard knocks. You never want your team on hard knocks right like if it was going to focus on jerry for an hour. That's fine but now juries only like in the credits. He's on for like forty seconds talking about water burger and otherwise. It's and oh man. I don't know who knows if he's gonna come back. And all this other stuff and is eating yams in an empty cafeteria and losing connect fours all right. But mike mccarthy's a stumbling idiot but let's just get on the field and play ready right. He's no dave. Campo dave campo dear for docs coaches that some winners. I like i saw probably half the season hard knocks kind of bored by. I did see the. Cd lamb is going to be the next jerry. Rice montages exciting. They had some they weasel shoehorned. Didn't this jerry. Jones section about kind of the legacy of jerry jones like conveniently omitting that. I don't even think you've made the conference championship game since the nineties rate ninety say that's mid-nineties that's fine..

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