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Can't get the vaccination to minimize some of those risks. That they have just fucking take it so we could be done with this ship right. Yeah just will say oh. What about the complications. You look at. The numbers. Accomplish vaccine are such a fraction of a fractured fractured. Compared to if you get cove it's just crazy. Yes same proudly like auto want that because we don't know what future you drink four cans of monsters. You ribbon heaters all day long and you drink like a fish. You're not concerned with your body. You treat your body like a dumpster. The president news now the president could issue a waiver requiring troops to get back stagnated prior to formal vaccine approval by the us food drug administration. That's what the lawmakers saying. This should be obvious. Fear once the the fda approves it financially maybe people's minds will be at ease a little bit. But that's another part of the controversy. Hasn't been prepared. Jay which i understand. Yeah i get that too. But the science behind the corona virus and that has been around for a long time and every major scientists in the world that does vaccination does medicine focused on that for about a year. And that's the and there are so much money that was poured into it. If we had the same amount of effort for cancer we would cure cancer to like if the entire world population of the smartest biologist and all that really focusing on one thing they. I'm sure they could solve anything. They want to with unlimited money and unlimited like resources Defense secretary lloyd austin. He is seems to be tipping towards mandatory vaccines. He said quite frankly. I'm inclined to move towards making sure that everyone is protected. He said this kind of candidates celtics last week. So i have a feeling that it's come into for the military argument that it's for national security. Because i yeah. I just think people just don't want told what to do. Ever join the military. Got one talking. I'm not saying the military specifically. I'm talking about general but yes especially the military. Don't don't join the adverse to being told what to do what i really. That's it comes down to his the choice for themselves. And they don't want to be put in a position where they feel forced to do it one way or another because a lot of people will just dig their heels in principle rains very much so like if you give them marina choice to do something or not. Do something it's going to be. Don't do it i. That's going to be the go-to because there's not very many as as a young junior enlisted troops and combat arms. That you have control over so if you're given like i can control this for myself. You're going to keep that long as you possibly can. A one officials said we're not going to do it for not order is our soldiers mindset. I guess is what they said again. It they understand that too. That's exactly that's the way they'll fucking cookie crumbles. Let's let's move onto round number. Four was is going to be our interview with randy. The natural tour serious now zero block thirty to have backed randy. The natural quarteur. Who have said is my favorite fighter of all time. I used to love like being marine being a staff sergeant. He really came in and was when you started smacking all tito ortiz on the button and give them a little hooker snapper treatment. This is my guy. This is the guy that arrived with forever. And it's great to have you back on the show. Great to be back on..

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