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Steph curry include thompson both of their fathers played along tamini mba so grew up with the pedigree there'd their front and center trai my agree whether on twitter ordinary in his mama's truly active hands on the actors same with k d when he gets there vp charles the she standing right there graviton by the berated the final mvp trophy he standing right there so that dynamic can't get overlooked either you're not only breaking up with the team in your brothers in the locker room you also breaking up a family a kinship that's been form and i don't see that taking place as long as these gasket continue to stay virtually healthy and plan at an elite level which i expect so when i ask what keeps repeating you've metric catastrophic injury bill leg let's not pretend that another team the spurs the cavs the clippers the celtics could put together a roster the could definitely challenge this worse team not just two years now threes now been next season i don't like two jess automatically hand them the trophy yeah they're going to be the favorites to win but the one thing i love about the sport is inese deliver on james has had a rite of passage greek freak is going to get better resource john jonwal isaiah thomas what's going to happen with paul george what's going to happen with jimmy butler in a wes koala leonard still resides and i was any arena watching kalinin have his way with the golden state warriors and his team was up twenty before vase opportunity intentionally injured without too much help on that roster either when look who is playing along require leonard especially after couple injuries not a lot russell westbrook's average a triple double this year you mentioned the clippers and obviously james harden but i'm still sought to how a season ended there's gonna be a lot of story lines dick continued to intrigue fans and if you get the best two teams in nba finals again i guess we'll be make another thirty for thirty foot him the door lakers and celtics there might.

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