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Mostly sunny with a high of thirty two this afternoon, turning mostly cloudy, low twenty four tonight clouds give away to sun and a high of thirty five tomorrow, then Thursday will turn out mostly cloudy, high thirty three with your AccuWeather forecast. I'm Heather zehr on NewsRadio. Eight ten and one zero three one WG y thirty degrees. Cloudy skies at NewsRadio. Eight ten one three one WG G are Tom story. The former CEO of SUNY polytechnic in Albany will be in federal court in New York City this afternoon to learn his fate, WG wise. Mike, Patrick has more, Elaine. Kelly EROs was convicted in July of rigging bid for state funded contracts in Syracuse in buffalo which included the buffalo billion project designed to revive the state's second largest city. Federal prosecutor said me asking judge Valerie Caproni for substantial term of imprisonment, although it would be less than the eleven to fourteen. Year range within federal sentencing guidelines jelly, arrows attorney, Michael Miller is asking the judge for a sentence of four to ten months behind bars. Mike, Patrick NewsRadio. Eight ten one zero three one WG y murdered Washington Post columnist Jamal kashogi the victims of the capital gazette shooting in Maryland, Filipino, journalist, Maria racer and two journalists jailed in Myanmar collectively have been named time's person of the year. Time is calling these journalists the guardians and is recognizing them for their effort in fighting what time calls the war on truth. Lawmakers will take a close look at Google's data collection, practices and concerns about user privacy today. Google CEO, see, Dr Pietsch, I will testify before the House Judiciary committee. Republicans are also expected to pass him on the claim that Google has been stifling conservative voices. The company has denied that accusation Alba. Police are investigating another deadly shooting. It's the fifteenth murder so far this year officials say a twenty eight year old man was shot near the intersection of Judson and second just before eight pm last night. A nineteen year old was also shot and is being treated for a leg injury. The names of the victims have not yet been released. No arrests have been made at this point asylum cases at the US, Mexico border are spiking. The Trump administration is reporting the number of asylum seekers at the border jumped nearly seventy percent during the last fiscal year, which ended in September officials say in twenty seventeen the number of migrants filing claims was around fifty six thousand but this year that number jumped to nearly one hundred thousand the White House is rolling out President Trump's new counterterrorism strategy. Mark Mayfield has details. The strategy aims to keep chemical biological radiological and nuclear weaponry out of the hands of terrorists. It also seeks to prevent terrorists from conducting WMD. Packs and deterring hostile states and individuals from assisting them. A White House statement quotes, the president saying we must deny the terrorist safe haven transit funding and any form of support for their vile and sinister ideology Mark Mayfield. W G Y news more than twenty nine thousand pounds of Jimmy dean, frozen and ready to eat, pork and poultry sausages are being recalled USDA says there have been five complaints of pieces of metal found in twenty.

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