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Right well something i'm very curious about because they look like they're in the forest but he spreading beach sand everywhere i mean they have they start off the movie with them going into town so like there's a hardware store or something in there where they can go and get some where they live they live next to craig's so most likely there's a beach somewhere but yeah there's spreading the sand because obviously they're in a forest and if you step on leaves create problem yeah but the i think one of the strongest one of those one of the one of the strongest things about this concept that they're doing here is that this is just a very long form version of a segment that we see in a har movie you know our munster film where you have that one part of the movie where the hiding in the closet from yet from jason yeah they got the milk are you really feels like like an hour long version of jurassic park where you got the loss of wrapped asean the kitchen where pretty much playing tag with these creatures just running around trying to hide behind corners before that discovered this movie feels very much like this segment right here yeah there's a there's a very specific seen get into but yeah if i was like this is just like parliament actually like these kids so i won't be mad at i like i like these kids to see that's the thing with the film is that you almost respect them being because like i said we would not live man you respect them for knowing how to survive this and it's very interesting to see how they found these work arounds like having to walk barefoot on santa muffle their sounds serving dinner on on something leafy green instead of like a plate.

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