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And the new yorker magazine they both say in israeli private intelligence firm was engaged in an effort to discredit some of these proponents of the nuclear agreement the observers account links aides to donald trump to that effort and they also report the guardian does and in the uk that british foreign secretary jack straw calls the allegations extraordinary and appalling and a sign of desperation on the part of critics of the deals npr has an independently confirmed the allegations but they are certainly making the rounds today now the the entire deal wouldn't technically collapse if this deadline approaches and the president reimposed the sanctions on may twelfth but i mean it could be used for iran iran could use this to its own advantage and use it as a pretext to deny access to any inspectors sarily fall apart just because donald trump announces that sanctions are coming back from america because it's europe russia and china who would be doing most of the business with iran anyway you could argue that if they keep going the deal keeps going but there is a risk that these sanctions will then be turned against european companies and european governments would have to go through many machinations to try and protect them from american secondary sanctions and inside iran hardliners could use this to attack the pragmatist president hassan ruhani they could push as you said to back out of some of their commitments including these intrusive nuclear inspections being carried out buddy international atomic energy agency and so depending on this decision it might not lure iran back to the table for more talks but it might raise tensions in the middle east even further npr's peter kenyon for us this morning thanks so much peter thanks malania trump takes the spotlight today as first lady she has been seen more often than hurt last year she did talk about her job on cnn exciting life and it's a lot of things that you need to care.

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