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Seventy degrees. Seal beach. It's six seventeen former rap mogul should night. Get an ear full at his sentencing from relatives of the man he killed in a hit and run incompetent one of Terry Carter's daughters. Didn't hold back your actions callously murdered or calculating. More of those of a low life. She went on to say. Unrepenting from worthless. Call. To the maximum twenty eight years, the judge did just that. But outside the courtroom Carter's relatives said that still wasn't enough life just days before going to trial for murder and attempted murder nights. Struck a deal pleading no contest to voluntary manslaughter in downtown LA. Margaret caro- KNX ten seventy NewsRadio data center equipments used by Amazon and apple may have been under surveillance by the Chinese government's a Bloomberg report says a tiny microchip was inserted during the manufacturing process. Amazon. Apple both say, not true executive editor for cenex news. Ian sure says if it is true, it would have major ramifications for the tech industry apple has told us. They can't find enough qualified people who know how to build these things and do it at the scale that they need to all the parts are largely built kept in China or in Asia. So it'd be very hard to bring them over to the United States in the manufacturing them, here hardware hacks, very difficult to pull off also tend to expose. Owes more information than the software attacks that occur. More often. A federal judge has put a hold on Trump administration plans to deport some three hundred thousand immigrants living in the United States. Some of them for decades from Haiti Sudan, Nicaragua, and El Salvador, San Francisco judge ruled that the cancellation of the immigrants status was likely unconstitutional. Jill Marib UC an attorney for the Catholic legal immigration network tells KNX the judge found Trump officials downplayed dangers the immigrants would face if they were sent back to their home countries evidence shows, the us officials explicitly we're discussing how towards net and Dr the facts of undeniable country conditions in order to get the outcome that they wanted. These practices were not limited to the four countries. Subject to this injunction. It's across the board for all the countries. DHS lawyers argued that protected status was explicitly temporary. And the time had come to end it the California State University system could be preparing to rid itself of the SAT and the ACT staff. Tests. Cal State chancellor Timothy white announcing their evaluation the effectiveness of using those tests for admissions decision soon or sees Oakley's chancellor of the community colleges and a UC reasons in the state. He tells KNX there are several better tools that are available much more data available for students coming to school than we did five ten fifteen years ago, we have much better science that helps us understand. What are the best predictors of college success all those measures are being looked at incorporated by admissions offices throughout our California Public university? So it is it is a growing trend. Oakley says UC and Cal State schools have already begun to reduce the importance of SAT and ACT scores in the admissions process. Six twenty of your money. Here's Adrian missile AMC's answer to movie pass now has more than four hundred thousand subscribers AMC created stubs A-List after movie pass.

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