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An attempt to take all the invasive species out of my garden and so i don't know you're fighting english holly you've got another you've got a common enemy. Yeah but in in that sense she and i are both invasive species here so what you know. What kind of tree is more. None of us are related to the original. I knew or chatham islander visitors to washington. State's heroin this never eaten a seal. Which kind of feels like Like an oversight now. You can find ken on twitter at ken. Jennings you can find me on. Patriotic john roderick. You can email us here at the omnibus project You can support the show. And this show is a topic picked by a supporter. Thank you marry. You can start the show at patriotic dot com slash omnibus project. You can discuss the show with other future links and discuss all of our shows and all of your crazy personal or if not crazy all of your interesting personal crazy. All the manifestations of your mental illness a you're you're betting wires at anywhere in social media where the word future link appears and you can email us. I'm sorry you can mail us. This is we're talking about mail now. Real mail and i don't mean m. a. l. e. m. i. l. po box five five seven four shoreline washington. Nine eight one five five. It looks like you're opening the mail right now. Yeah this is interesting. I mean the kentucky colonels are continuing to send us. Did you actually fulfil your kentucky. Forgot i should. I need to give to the because they're really talking about the good works. They've done this year in two thousand twenty one. They've awarded two million dollars in grants. Two hundred seventy four nonprofits but they have a shortfall of millions of dollars. And you know what. I'm going to go. I'm gonna go give right now. Part of it's really changed me being kentucky colonel differently about the greatest kentucky my contribution is part of that two million dollar endowment and i think your contribution is going to be part of the next to well. I gave my nation. When i first when i first got the letter. I a rope ladder in a ymca in lexington now with your name on it. The the the honorary kentucky. Colonel john rodericks memorial rogue ladder and kathy sent us i guess. Her family does yearly drive between their home in missouri and summer place near donner lake so he could drive right. It's a long drive and on.

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