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Radio sixty six and i can listen to the fan anytime anywhere download the radio dot com app and favorite us today nine radio hour here on a band means i've got less than an hour to play turn it over to see map chris we're gonna call takes over at two i'll take your calls throughout the entire hour eight seven seven three three seven six six that's the mohegan sun topi line limited by mohegan sun plan your stay mohegansun dot com mix into baseball talk little nba three of the home deems one day golden state starts the defense of their title with a winning home the raptors top seed in the east had a fight on their hands but ended up topping the wizards the seventy sixers just move out the miami heat in the second half ben simmons a big game for philly jj didn't do diddly in the first app couldn't miss and the second air dropping threes everywhere philly wins by twenty seven the only upset the only road team that won new orleans who's up double digits in the fourth quarter portland cut it late got it three had the ball excuse me underneath the basket and rather than looking to get it in bounds with four seconds to go to try and get a pass or a screen to get it three tired they ran a play to go to the basket and i think it was kind of them but i don't exactly know who was god open was going to the rim look who's going to be able to dunk which we give them a quick to pour seconds ago foul then you play it on maybe they missed some pal shod maybe only needed to to time maybe can win it would at three but drew holiday with a hell of a block come in from the other side of the basket getting up getting a piece of the ball without fouling tim was in and if you vow and he dunks now it's a three point play the oldfashioned way then he ended up tying the game not necessary to holiday with a great block preserves the win for the pelicans thirty five and fourteen for anthony davis so you want to talk about the nba today or any of the games tomorrow hit me up on line eight seven seven three three seven six six six six vernon for manhattan's up.

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