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Get to eighty run for hundred ten to build a beach you. So there's a number believe the Vikings will be better at the end of the season. They get some type of running game with Dow and cook believe there is a margin right now, but when you have a quarterback, are you have special type players that I believe are in in of? See, I believe when you get in that tournament, it's still makes it very, very dangerous. I also believe that it's important at the ram can stay undefeated along so that their fan base since it's a special season because at home field advantage going to Los Angeles, no one knows what that what that would be like. But I just believe football in January and LA would be pretty special if they have a fifteen in one season fourteen and one regular the so that the momentum continues into the postseason ivory. That becomes very, very important to make sure that no one wants to come to the Coliseum in January and how big the gap will they have six wins. The second best team in the NFC has four. So I mean, that's pretty big gap through two weeks to be two wins clear the field. I think that is about where it is. I think that's about accurate. Orleans. Probably the second best team. They're the only other four win team. And then you got a bunch of teams that are three and two, three, two, and one a bunch of teams that like I think the Vikings can be really good, but we also saw big warning signs about the running game that they have not entered and about their defense that they're starting to answer, but we also saw them head to head. Yeah, in the Minnesota Vikings, not playing will look like a good football team when they were going against the rent, which is why I think the home field is the biggest point of this because it's not only about where you don't have to go. But it's about where those explosive quarterbacks don't get to play. We know where Rodgers can win a game in the snow. We don't know, Jared Goff can we know drew Brees can carve you up in his dome. We know he's a different player on in the outdoor. So for all those reasons, I totally agree. The one seat for them is of critical importance by the way under Sean McVeigh eleven. Oh, one away from home, ten and one on the road and one game in London. So eleven and one away. From home, they've lost their games at home, but I will tell you this defensively, you mentioned that you mentioned Donald. You mentioned sue, unbelievable edge pass rushes issue for them. Yes. But when they get when they get, keep delete back, keep to leave is one of the smartest football players in the National Football League. He actually meets weekly Sean McVay to go over strategy. And and I mean, this guy is phenomenal, and he's a soundtrack of that defense and they have missed him. And yet they're still six, no without one of their number one players. And he has made a huge impact on Marcus Peters in the rest of that defensive secondary. So that's something to watch when they get him back healthy and that is a formidable defense that struggled here. The last couple of weeks stink stay with us coming up today. Aaron Rodgers prove he is the best quarterback in the NFL last night. That's next. Flare Packers hosting the Niners last night, pick this up with Green Bay trailing in the fourth. Yep. Trailing under two minutes to play. Rogers hits Davante Adams in the end zone to tied at thirty Rogers, four hundred twenty five passing yards. Two scores next drive. CJ Beathard picked off by Kevin king that left too much time for Rogers less than ten ticks to go. Rogers hits Adams. He had one hundred and thirty two yards on the night. In that setup Mason Crosby a week after he missed five kicks against the lions Crosby nails the game winner as time expires, Green Bay goes on to beat the forty Niners thirty three to thirty here is Aaron Rodgers on his kickers, redemption. It's very propo-. What he went through last week and the team stick with them guys to kind of wrap our arms around him, encourage him. The way that we do for our teammates was was great. And then he responded, the crowd thought was very encouraging..

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