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Team creeps. The PODCAST that discusses trashy teen horror. I'm one of your host Lindsay. Kate die and I'm another one of your hosts Kelly nugent and we have a couple of very special guests. Today they're actors they're writers. They are host of the goosebumps podcast. Welcome to dead cast. It is Matthew Scott Montgomery and Daniel. Montgomery we're here so so happy to be here. I have a feeling we're going to be best friends to to the end that end. That is very upsetting. What enhance personal? Truly the the interns. I didn't see it coming. I does it your first time reading. I have not read this one. Okay think I did but as a teenager and didn't remember it well all because wow wow wild ride yes was like a an hour and a half long panic attack time. There's a lot going on. I could not handle the gas lighting. The gas lighting was volume of credible gaslight gas leading the reader. Honestly because I am I never got honey story. We never got no. That was infuriating. Also also like you have crimes to answer for truly. We don't know if honey even ever lived next door she we don't know we'd she didn't even say when she went in the house in the end if there was in fact venture nowhere table so we know there were and table take. That's it when this book came out fans were so upset about it and like fired up about the ending of this book that he wrote a sequel equal to it. The best friend too and when the best to came out there was a sticker on the front of it said that the audience demanded it. Here it is or something like that the best friend. Yeah well I demand I do too. That's not a lie. Here's the thing and that is the best friend too good. It's no that's what happens to so this is that they own the media and service isn't necessarily a good thing. I think I saw US online. Where fans could recommend what they thought should happen no similar to the backlash of fatal attraction when that movie came out if you are you familiar with the the the drama okay? I mean really quickly but like You know originally if you remember that movie. It's Glenn Close who stalks Michael Douglas's family that she's a villain is for even though he's cheating on his wife and is is is being the worst guy ever but she gets blamed for all of it and movie. Well yes in when we test audiences. I think he's the late eighty S. I think it was. Maybe we should look it up. You should look it up. I think audiences for test screenings didn't think that Glenn Close got punished enough. It's right so they had to reshoot the ending ending where she comes back alive if you remember in the bathtub in the bathtub and he shoots her staff's or whatever yes audiences at the time think thought the woman needed to be punished. More that they trash that's sadly offing and not surprised at all so anyway. It's just like the best friend honey punished and they wanted it in the best friend. So honey is like oh is back well eighty seven hundred. Eighty seven okay. Okay yeah what happens I mean. Are we talking about ready. We haven't talked with. Let's let's we did reach like. Do you want to know the answer to this and then we can. Why don't we talk about the Okay okay do you think it'll be more it'll be more powerful. Yeah and and we'll go. God Okay I would like to say I am so excited to have you guys on the podcast because never before have we been in with our own people really know are also. It's a thing to write. Where like I love all of our guests I love I love above? Everyone brings a different flavor but like a lot of times. You have to be like okay something like this is the kind of book data like explain like what these books are like but like you know our boy rl. Oh yeah we know better than we do. I think because you only are l.. That's right that's correct anything about any like history. I don't know anything about the history of any single one of these well when you read solely are Stein and what our podcast does is we were. We're are- reading and re watching the television goosebumps from the very beginning going all the way through and you you start to pick up on stuff. He uses over and over again Like for example one phrase that we found that he uses all the time and wake we have kind of like sound effects when it comes up in the box is he writes. That people fall Har- elbows and knees. That's like a race. He says all the time. She's the most painful thing. You could possibly think ponies parts of your body ever fallen on your the only saved my face in my hands. The most the part of the allison happens like once every four or five books. He'll he'll have it in there. May seven is more it is in there so much and shocking loves and we have this in this book. redheads wrestling has. I wanted to sense with Auburn Lady. Eighties romantic every shade. Same with hike with Auburn hair. Pike is specifically Auburn whereas rl L.. LOVES EVERY SHADE OF THE REDHEAD Capri curls up as well young cute. I wanted to mention. Is it Trish. WHO's Ashtray? Shaped like a broom ball. That's also is like you know hot like you know she's like a model. Yeah well let us know that he becca. Lets US know. I was getting serious. Like Sweet Valley High Lila Vibes from of like. Oh this is like rich bitch. Hot Girl Girl Lila. But I wanted to mention the cameo is of another famous redhead yes from Silent Knight Riva Dr Religious Name only all. Wow the only party. I love shopping. Silent Knight One which iconic of of course you will never ever get a more icon. No no I'm sorry. I used to what I wouldn't my parents. I used to live in North Carolina when I lived here so we would fly back for Christmas every year North Carolina. And what I would do on the flight back would read Silent Silent Knight and silent night to just because I want. I don't no no. I just loved it so much. I just want to stay in the department store. Oh yes the diabetes. Yeah shared world of the covers of those books as well especially I really good. The first one's a very good cover. Yeah way the double O it. Oh No I have to get this Amazon. I'm afraid all three silent knight can get it and I don't Remember Silent Knight three either. She's home from College for the holidays. She's in college. Oh it's going to be another scary. Christmas here was so bad. Holidays are not a good time for Eva. Let's just it was wondering if the trip that Corey what is her name Harry. Ari got carry the. That's that's how riva gets brought up because she's going on a skiing trip right with Riva is late. Is that one of the books. And then is Kerry going to be in the book. But I'm not not sure that that happens in a way to listen to the episode. Love this trip one truth or dare truth or dare yes not. It gave us a choice. When you guys hit us up I was like I have two pitchers for us? I have the best friend winter but not Christmas is Christmas..

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