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Studios. We're gonna have a couple of headlines that we're going to get to here. Because i brought one of my own that i love this day every single year but first let's go ahead and get to the headline the turn angels to the future is now a prototype. Flying car travels between slovakian cities. The flying cars flying cars. So he's lock and company took its prototype. Flying car for a test flight spent about thirty five minutes in the air. Hod that's pretty fascinating We're only like ten to fifteen to twenty years behind every cartoon when they said we were supposed to have flying cars but it sounds like we're getting closer. Yeah so it's the company called klein vision. It's their air car prototype. one Reached a maximum cruising speed of one hundred and eighteen miles per hour and the trip was about half as long between the typical drive. Wow doesn't it feel like we're missing that step like we went from having cars and the now all these billionaires like let's go to space and my wait. Can we figure out flying cars. I because commutes would be a lot easier personally. I've always wanted like a hover board from mike back to the future right one of those things. Yeah that would be sweet. Plus it would cut down on commute I wonder what what types of fuel and stuff like that. Does it have a picture of the car it does. It looks pretty. Coit looks like Like i don't know like some kind of sports car but it's got big old wings on it and his big or propeller on the back. And like i guess like a spoiler type thing for plane critic picture of it do you have it there. 'cause i mean it. Is it practical. Could you drive down the road to or is distinct. So yes so okay. It's has a button that you press so very sci- science fiction president right three minutes later you have wings and a rudder and start Okay so that's pretty cool. Because i was. I was getting to the point where i was going to say. Well that's just an airplane that they designed a look like a car but if you can try that bad boy down the road that that's pretty cool. It's got a bmw engine in it. So the other european keeping over there. I guess i love at our. That's pretty cool data Flying cars could be here sooner rather than later all right. This is the headline that i wanted to get to right. Let me see the picture. Holy cow thing is up there. Yes it is. That's terrified. That looks like that shouldn't be there. You know what he an animal get stuck in weird places like. That shouldn't be there. That's what that car looks like you have to. We'll post that picture up with that story on our facebook page at canal Let's get to the head cut my today two for your thursday. It is bobby bonilla day. Have you heard of this bobby. Bonilla was a former mets player. He was awful but my goodness did he know how to negotiate a contract every single july. First until bobby bonilla will be seventy five years old. The new york. Mets will have to pay him one point. One nine million dollars every july. First it's It's one of the worst contracts ever signed by by a team but Bobby bonilla right is fifty eight years old. He will collect a check for one point. One nine three million dollars from the new york mets as he has and will ever july first from two thousand eleven through twenty thirty five because of baseball salary structure bonilla's annual payday is often more than some of the games current young stars who make in a given year and this season that even includes the salary of leading american league. Mvp candidate and potential twenty twenty one all stars. So why does bonilla get this payday. In two thousand. The mets agreed to buy out the remaining five point nine million dollars on bonilla's contract however instead of paying but no of five point nine million at the time the mets need to make any payments of nearly one point two million for twenty five years starting july first two thousand eleven including a negotiated eight percent interest on that at the time ownership was invested in bernie madoff account. We know how that worked out the promise. Double digit returns and the mets ripois to make a significant profit if the made off account delivered. Putt that did not work out. So bobby bonilla sits on. His couch does nothing and then july first. Every single year collects a check for over a million dollars. I think he won that contract negotiation. Definitely bobby bonilla here. On july first mike and deb. Moore's will be in for me tomorrow. I'm out due to some personal reasons. we'll be back with you next week though and get it going.

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