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In taking the leap. What a good way to end. Up and so timely. What a timely conversation yvonne davita. Tom collins both of gosh once again avenue these books. Thank you for listening. Excuse me. I'm choked up ten. Thank you so much for listening first of all and secondly thank you for taking action. My listeners i you know i want to bring you the best always. These are the best when it's time for you to Book as yvonne said. Everybody has the capability to do some. We're going to close out. This addition of her business. Her voice her conversation. I'll be back next week with a brand new episode. In the meantime stay safe and everybody take care. Bye bye now. Podcast academy online dot com built for the busy entrepreneur. Podcast becomes a marketing brand new tool podcast academy online. Where you learn to imagine develop launch podcasts. At your own pace podcast. Kademi online dot com. I wanted to thank you for listening to her business. Her voice here conversation. Couple of things that i want you to do right now. Go to my website. Pick up a copy of her business. Her voice her reinvention. How i went from game show happen to international show hopes author and speaker in one year number two please freely to each and every episode. Share them out with your family friends and you live and the number three getting contact with me. One of the experts have been on the show. Because i wanted to make sure that you re embiid yourself. I'll be back next week. Was a brand new episode here on business votes her conversation..

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