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David wanted to what they shrimp tar tar with cucumber, apple and radish. Adrian goes for a shrimp and avocado toast, carry us triggered with cucumber watermelon. Juniper as Serano chilly seems like David gets a pretty good comments. Like, he seems to do basically with exception except that one quick fire the entire season Adrian, she gets some comments. But then panamax note that all she got was oil, which I thought was super interesting maybe speaks to maybe a lack of consistency going on. But they're both deemed safe. Antonio any thoughts about these final two. They seem like they were safe. But yet nothing. Really stood out from either of these two to me there. It's probably good at this point to not make bad food and to just sit there in and not put yourself in a bad position. They did they did find as far as that goes. I we didn't get a ton from them in terms of the conceptualizing their dishes, for example, there are little notes throughout like brother is in the in the whole foods. And I think Brandon comes up to him and says what what's up brother what he doing? And what are you looking for in brothers says anything Asian? So it seems like even from the jump. He's just kind of taking this really broad approach to try to find ingredients, and we didn't really get from Eric and Adrian a ton about not Eric at David and Adrian a ton about what they were thinking we had a little bit. But we didn't really get notes that I felt throughout the episodes spoke to problems they were having when they conceive their dishes or problems in prep. So didn't really have much to say other than that just that they they seem like they did. Okay. And they they will live to play another day. All right. Well, let's move into. We talked about the final result tops. Our Kelsey Eric and Eddie Eric ends up getting the win here. A big week for Eric quite think, we'd all said might have gotten a more under the radar edit. Amidst the first few episodes, but the acceptance were being him talking about his incoming child. Jim do we feel like Eric might stand a chance to win this thing now considering that the previously he seemed to sort of like a non factor in the season? He this season is really unique in that. I'm not sure that there's an actual front runner. And as soon as one emerges, they likely they are likely to go home. And so yeah, I think that really everybody has a chance to to to win so far. I mean, they're a little bit of people. Who are I'm worried for like like Adrian, and I don't know if you follow Adrian on social media. But the what she posts online looks totally amazing, and she made her she made quite clear that she is an incredible expediter knows how to run a kitchen in restaurant wars. But I'm not sure that she's made anything I'll show that. I was like man that looks totally awesome. So I'm a little bit worried for her. I know that she's a lot better than that. It's like I say, I only have to do is look at her social media to see she is making really awesome food in restaurants. But for me, I think that really we're still in a point where almost anybody could win which I don't think is that happens usually they're front runners. And I really don't see it this season interning, what do you make of Eric's win here? Do you think it it pretends anything or to Jim's point, do you think it's just sort of like we need to to all head? Jar bats because we never know when someone sticks their neck out. They might get chopped off the next week. I'm on board with Jim I think that nobody's really really stepped up..

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