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Okay. This mantra that President Trump has said that the news media the enemy the people or the fake news media as he puts her phony news the enemy that people. Look, I have a whole bunch of examples of fake news that I want to get to and I do want to expose some of it because it's it's completely nonsensical. But the idea that somehow prince Mohammad bin Salman. Actually was encouraged to order the murder of the journalist who by the way was not an American and he wasn't a staff member for the Washington Post. He occasionally had articles that were run by the Washington Post. He was an international figures a Saudi citizen, he was actually had strong connections to the Royal family and a couple of points about this killing and it pretty obviously as a killing. I know they don't have the body. They don't have evidence yet. They don't have they have circumstantial evidence. The circumstantial evidence is pretty strong sky walked into the consulate NIST on bologna never came out. So if he were somewhere if he were alive, he would let us know where the people who had kidnapped him would let us know. It's pretty obvious that he's dead. And apparently, there are increasing reports from Turkish sources that he died in a very gruesome and grisly way. And they say they have some tapes of him being tortured and mutilated while he was alive before he got killed and it's quite ugly. It's it's disgusting. In fact, but the idea that this is somehow associated with Trump is ridiculous. What President Trump has done since? He's been president has been to encourage exactly the kind of change in Saudi Arabia that we have known that we've needed for a long time. And you know who acknowledges this. It's Tom Friedman double Pulitzer prize winner in the New York Times big liberal. But he at least is honest enough to recognize that all of a sudden saying, oh, we have to blow up our relationship with Saudi Arabia, and who cares about their oil. He's right. The biggest thing isn't their oil. The biggest thing is Saudi Arabia's role in reforming Islam. Because why harvest Islam which used to emanate from Saudi Arabia was precisely the kind of danger that led to the worst thing that's happened in most of our memories, which is nine eleven. And right now say what you want about him. Mohammed bin Salman NBS has been working to rein that in and to change it. Let me read you some of what Friedman writes today in the New York Times, he says I defined our most important national interest in Saudi Arabia since nine eleven and it's not oil. It's not arms sales. It's not standing up to Iran. It's his law make religious reform, which when come only from Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam's holiest cities mecca Medina. I believe nine eleven was the worst thing to happen to American my lifetime. Tom friedman. We've spent thousands of lives and some two trillion trying to defuse the threat of Muslim extremists from all Qaeda to ISIS dollars that could have gone to many other needs in our society. And I believe the roots of nine eleven came from two terrible bargains one was that bargain between the Saudi ruling family and the kingdom's religious establishment. Where each blessed the other the other was America's cynical bargain with the Saudis. Which went like, this guy's just keep your oil pumps. Open your prices low and don't bother the Israelis too much, and you can do whatever you want out back. Preach, whatever you want in your mosques print whatever conspiracy theories you want in your papers and treat your women. However you want. And he says, so what caught my eye most about Mohammed bin Salman and made me most hopeful was his tentative willingness to engage in a war of ideas with his religious hardliners declaring publicly do not right that we are reinterpreting Islam. We are restoring Islam to its origins. Mohammed bin Salman was the guy who saw to it that women can suddenly allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. That's a big big deal. He he also has argued publicly that Islam in its origins was tolerant of others, faiths, and empowering of women and opened the new ideas. And the whole idea that somehow whatever follows Mohammed bin Salman is going to be better. I think it's foolish and yes, there has to be a strong response in this has to be condemned. And they're going to have to be people were punished for this was gross crime. But the idea that somehow you're going to create instability in Saudi Arabia, the cost would be terrible, not only in terms of our foreign policy and our confrontation with Iran. But in terms of this entire need that Friedman is right to point to which is the need to reform Islam's most destructive tendencies. Let's go quickly to Jason in Honolulu. You're on the Michael Medved Show. Hey, jason. Hi, thanks for taking the call. Yeah. I was gonna comment about the economics and everything. But I I since you're on this topic. Now, I just want to quickly say that yesterday on your show. When you when you ran the recording of the person that said that America is no longer in the traditional standards of the leader of the free world, you after that was made you somewhat agreed with that. And I have to tell you I wholeheartedly disagree with that statement. I know Trump has taken a slightly different fans than maybe George W Bush. I understand that. But I feel like to share power and control handle of everything that's happening here. Let's not forget it's very few months in office. He dropped the largest farm ever in the history of mankind. So I think she's actually taking a pretty good leadership role. I'm not sure if that bomb achieved what it was meant to do. And by the way, it was the largest in terms of size. Not in terms of impact. I mean still biggest bombs are dropped her. Still.

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