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The next show thirteen ten. Kfi Long Time. Yeah I loved that movie. I know I'll be glued to the whole show today from noon to eight fifty three now. Thirteen ten KFI a thirteen. She was such a thirteen ten. Kfi AID COM. Why why why mornings okay. All live local. Fueled by create Western. Petroleum joined this morning by Matt make ends at Channel Two. I should say the long-suffering that Megan's channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists. That I apologize for interrupting your Saturday. Saying once that thing that he'll on I twenty five you know the one that can shift weather patterns. Hey No problem. I've been stuck inside for ten weeks. I gotTa talk to somebody there. You go a long time ago. Share your isolation I don. I was trying to explain weather patterns to someone that Well it was my brother. Actually Ohio that said. Hey what's what the meteorologists there that they can't get the weather right and I'm like it's not that easy you don't understand do not be taking gratuitous meteorologist because we got a lot of topographical things going on here to include the thing the thing he Cheyenne Ridge which we came up with and and I so appreciate I mean you fired back at me. Nerd alert nailed. It need to pay a visit. Becky becky go see this guy. She'll would with them and can do you know yeah. That's right that's right. Don't you just job bone and over Weatherman because you just don't get it. We mock what we don't right true and you're you you were asking about the Cheyenne Ridge which is kind of a store meter And that was the case this week. I mean well county had the three land spouts those same thunderstorms as they were rolling off. The Cheyenne Ridge say closer to car and stuff but really very week until they hit a a feature that was pretty much president all day long around really and out toward accurate outward. Birlik that feature was there and until that Cheyenne rich kind of lined hit. They were doing nothing but that little feature they popped up so good there you go. Yeah because Those lands fouts are actually waterspouts overland. Right there the tornadoes technically they go into the database tornadoes if they can cause damage which we saw.

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