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They go through this system and all these folks just never even try I don't I don't know the whole system somebody comes across the border you probably have to declare Hey I'm here because I'm an asylum seeker okay then what happens you must have a time line that says okay with a certain number of days are immediately do they go you over there and talk to this person and you to file a paper you know how that works at all no I do not as I said I'm not integration attorney so I don't understand the exact protocol they have to go through but that's what I said but what jumped out at me was if she's an asylum seeker that's different than just course jump across the border Ryan she has legal proceedings in a fact so what else is she supposed to do and so my question to you that is thinking about when does it become a legal proceeding well I just had to have talk to an attorney or she has had to sign something that says you know what I'm gonna sign will seeker and I'm gonna so this is a complete gas yeah I said I I don't do any immigration law but I'm guessing that there's probably some safe harbor when you first come over because you're seeking side you're you know you're running from peril okay so in our country our you know our our position is we welcome asylum seekers but you can't just stay here forever so there's probably a a period of time I'm just guessing six months or something but at some point you have to go through some legal protocol to stay here you're now out of peril you're now out of danger you're here we're willing to hear your story and see what you qualify to stay here and now you've got a file X. onesie this to continue so how are we see is always a line and get that process started if you came here you have no money well you know that's when you're seeking and now you're talking about what what pro bono services might be out there you know immigration attorneys are willing to do to help people you know referral services and what not I mean we do have we do have legal aid organizations to help people that are indigent they don't have the money and I think in fact there's even one organization Austin I can't read the name of off talk my head that is designed to help folks and that's the situation not just in that but another thanks to a family law cases and in not getting paid by employers even if they're if they're not supposed to work of employers so do not discriminate against and use and abuse not getting paid and there's organizations I scammer from them is like a civil rights organization so yes money helps but I don't think that didn't but not having is gonna prohibited from entering the system as long as they can get some help from somebody but again I'm on immigration Terry that's one of those that I would I would Booton refer to somebody you know send I think anybody in there reasonable sense would say if you are in a war torn country and you want to escape with your children because you're scared for your life you should be able to escape right right and yet we're kind of suggesting with Estrada ministration that we build a wall and if these asylum seekers I'm sorry you need to wait outside the United States and apply before you can come in but what if each country does that how does somebody escape their country how do they get out of that situation you mean if if if they don't allow just to come over yeah say Hey well I'm running from somebody I'm running for my life they don't allow you to do that yes well then you're stuck at the border you know I was not getting over I mean we obviously are our country our value system is is more open and I'm certain certain other countries probably right but so if if we build the wall or whatever and people can't come in and that's I guess as our country's right to decide that well okay you need to wait in Mexico until we let yeah all right now Mexico says you know what we're gonna build a wall you can't come and it just keeps going where nobody can go anywhere you have to stay in your country even though there's a war going on there I'm sorry would you if you get into large world problems about mankind and how human beings can all live together on the same planet now right really gonna step outside the micro here you're really gonna get macro here about man kind there how we should all be able to come by together we should be what we should be living is one not even a separate countries you're wanting everybody to join to come up but it will say all that all of the land the law of the globe yeah sounds like you're looking for maybe international law it in the probably arm should his treatises and other international law would govern some of these things but not all countries are following that obviously I mean we're not going to be you know we're so we're not boring with these countries we don't care but the ones that were boarding with one that we care most of the time but all the European countries and whatnot I'm sure they've got you know their own sets of rules for the same kinds of issues especially where you go from western Europe Eastern Europe to you know to the Middle East so you know all good points but you need to you need to you need a national injured actor international Jeff Carroll globe law on that so we can all agree to how we're going to handle that NATO expect people Middle East fall would as well the right right let's get it it's gonna be tough but there it is we should think these things through a little bit further than just you know what and North Korea not our problem yeah right yeah no I agree no that's not but but for the immediate issue because you're yes raining my brain sorry the issue of the article that work on that we're addressing I do think an asylum seeker should be treated differently than the average person just coming across I think if they've got legal proceedings pending basically said that safe harbor but obviously you can't use a legal proceeding is just something to drag on so you can stay here enjoy all the benefits of your thank this lady staying in a church he's not even being employed she's from we can see she's not drawing any kind of public assistance or Reiner can health care anything else she's just trying to hang around to be there with her kid until she can get through the system and make a decision we made our more similar the the churches providing food and stuff for either and all that kind of stuff and to me she's very lucky because there's a lot of other people absolutely don't have that absolutely right right the parents suing the Texas chili parlor we've talked about this a little bit earlier to parents are suing the Texas chili parlor in downtown Austin claiming the restaurant over served alcohol to their daughter before her March twenty eighth death according to the lawsuit they say their daughter was at the venue and was served optional alcohol even though she was visibly intoxicated and then she got on her bicycle Donna she had no **** was hiding on a ride on a bicycle got hit by a car and from those injuries past so the couple is suing for both past and future losses past and future mental anguish and grief and all the expenses related to the death in the courts and how responsible should a bar or a bartender be well you can take the approach just again this without diving in the details of the law you take the approach of if you know someone that already drunk or there are at least probably drunk should you have to stop right there in the summer one because anything can happen when somebody define drunk to me well that's the right there you already got a problem of the gay right Menachem breathalyzer everybody some people act differently when they drink than than others do some articulate and funny regardless and some clam up you know just hangar at the bar later head down like a sleepy and sometimes it we keep hearing this it was that one last drink that I had that took you over the top right and maybe you have that last drink you walked out and then it hit Shia enhance the bar didn't see you in that situation you may end you can't expect let let let's be real tears a bartender me monitoring every single person to bar know what their status or not talking everybody all.

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