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Second. Faisal job georgia haas daily episodes fainting developing into neurological issues and losing the use of her legs captions and yes. She was perfectly fit and healthy before so the times then goes into long piece about how couvert vaccines are really a net benefit new. Shouldn't worry about this. And then towards the end says yes. The story is correct She was a she was the subject of a vaccine injury on the description of her Symptoms is accurate. So it's it's kind of done in the tone of you know here's a story and it's can scuttle lous on its leading people to be vaccinated in this therefore wrong and it's very is very troubling and they go to the social media company instagram. Put it out and say well. We're leaving it up because it's true but we're we're not going to de emphasizing so it's harder to find because we apart of a huge campaign to promote the vaccine so the whole pieces. Guess his on dolto evidence. That is true of people being injured. But we don't want it to look at that. We want to think about other things so it's the other half of the daily meal optical really i am quite striking now what would be overly. Beneficial is if you want Both on industrial stories and detailed on electrical looks at the statistics. Both saying the same thing then. We could be confident that the message recruiting forward is accurate. This is the line that you call them tries to take. But there's not one that the times and the male seemed to be falling in this instance Absolutely correct david. So let's just very quick. Look at how the male dealt with this headline government push to force young people to get jabs risks. Undermining trust in the vaccine expert warns as video woman struggling to walk after getting pfizer is linked is sorry is like two hundred thousand times on instagram. So we're now beginning to see what's really going on here This is the clip. Which i think we can animate screen. So this is what was shed and extremely worried It's tragic when we look at this because this reminds me of nicholas husband that we reported on earlier. We were bald from youtube for showing the clip. Now this one is factually correct and stays up. So this is the mail report. And they're worried. Recent recent figures. That's my mistake. Recent figures of revealed wall infections among young adults of soared to a record vaccine. Uptake is slow to a fraction of what it was in the spring. One in three eighteen to twenty nine year olds as still nor tattoo. I dose of cove in nineteen vaccine. So there's panic kid. The young and old taking up vaccine and in the article was comment from professor at them. Finn which. I find very interesting if people begin to feel they all being coined of fool st- against their will to do something then in a sense that's quite damaging to do because it gives people the impression that vaccination is something being imposed on them He goes own nudging. The use of applied behavioral psychology for political purposes. Is what he means by. Nudging nudging can be done. But it has to be done in a way that people don't feel they're being pushed into something they don't want to while we're gonna comment on that. Where's the evidence to a sort of moved on to the second young people getting seriously ill from corona virus and i urge them to have their jabs will where is the documentary evidence to support his claim about all these young people getting seriously. Ill this one here that been close to two hundred admissions with an average age of forty is talking about bristow during the covenant wave caused by the spread of the del chore indian variant. We've had people under thirty on our intensive care unit and also requiring high-level oxygen therapy so what professor finish doing is using fear. As a tool to nudge people young people into having a vaccine. I find this very offensive because of calls the reader unless they have some knowledge of the usa. Psychology does know. What's what's actually happening. But we just reminds people that the eighty mail picked up on the uk collins report of nicholas husband. Now this was her comments on her husband paralyzed from the neck. Down with gambari syndrome. He's still on the ventilator and has been suffering from the loose nations and infections when they were planning for this nation program. Why didn't they put an e. Severe side effects to look out for when they knew what was coming while. They didn't do that nikola because they didn't want the population if he alerted as to the true risks so that they could make properly informed decision nine on friday's program. We mentioned the bbc coverage of the self-isolation situation the so-called pandemic. We made the point that the bbc had highlighted Empty shelves on one particular image that you're about to say of empty shells with people piling in winter coats and burying. My research were thirty degrees Last week we wondered how they could possibly have got this picture. I'm so let's just remind ourselves of the image. This is it The guy here looking at the empty shelves and a fleece jacket and the people in the background there with their winter coats all So we were calling the fake news really from the bbc. Well we know where the article where this image kim from but before we get to. We'll just mentioned that reuters. Also were pulling the san guy with an article food supply. Uk food supply change the chains on the edge of failing meat industry warns that was from last week that article And this is the original article absorb of Covered over the the headline. So you don't get on omitted this properly but anyway there's the image on the original article if you look at the debt It's march the twenty four th twenty twenty on that article.

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