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Kept on three. Ziff me, but I'm supposed to any fight. That's from shootout earlier this year at the height of its power al-shabaab controlled the capital Mogadishu and effectively ruled the country the terrorist group was driven out of Mogadishu by African Union forces in two thousand eleven that small ius fight against al-shabaab is far from over the ultimate goal of the US and other foreign interests in the country is to train local forces to do the brunt of the fighting. It's a strategy. The US has used in places like if ghanistan in Iraq with Mexico. Yes. Initially, the US Pinto PTS on the Somali national army. The army has proven unreliable deep divides between rival clans have been an obstacle to creating a United Somalia. The Somali national army is an immune to these problems says Omar math mood with the institute for security studies in east Africa, internally you have issues of developing a cohesive national army that takes account the Smalley clan structure right now, what you have more so is throughout the country collection of cleanliness militias, which can respond than more to their clans rather than Mahmoud issue or unified commander. So I think moving beyond that is a huge challenge. Then there are the issues of resources and corruption the Somali government's power wanes the further you get from August issue. Al Shabaab fighters currently control twenty percent of Somalia mostly in rural areas in the south. They take over villages impose sharia law and even Levy taxes for a steady stream of. Revenue. This video from an Al Shabaab training camp shows fighters who are often better equipped and organized than soldiers in the national army only seventy percent of Somali soldiers even have weapons and in two thousand seventeen the US stopped paying salaries for the army citing widespread corruption. Instead, both the US and Somali governments are backing an elite group of Somali soldiers known as Dan AB or lightning. It's a force. It's intentionally made up of soldiers for many clans exclusively trained by American commandos small quick moving units have had success season ground from L shebab. The dinette battalion that has worked and become more effective, George Washington University, professor Paul Williams, essentially because it's being kept separate from this messy clan. Corrupted set of politics that is sort of undermining and degrading the Smalley national army. It's not just the military. The government lacks the infrastructure to establish itself. In those new. Early gained areas. Meanwhile, al-shabaab is adapting its members often infiltrate the government and army creating fear with a sassy nations and suicide bombings al-shabaab has also gotten more bold in Mogadishu. There have been at least four attacks there. So far this year. Washington has responded by increasing airstrikes targeting al-shabaab strongholds, but defeating al-shabaab requires more than just a military solution Paul Williams again, the key problem. Here is political the reason why Somalia has not been able to build an effective national army is because there's no political consensus among Somali elites that that's what they want to try and do if you can't even agree on what your nation is. And how it's going to be governed. You can't build an effective national security architecture until then it looks like American and African Union forces will be needed. I'm very realistic. That's amend Hussein. He manages a hotel in Mogadishu that was attacked by suicide bomber a few years ago. People like us. We cannot keep continue without people. Ask them limits. This kind of things have been backup system. This is a war on terror or your own statistics Hussein feels he is facing these things very much on his own not sufficiently protected by his government or by foreign troops for the world. I'm willia- Schenker. Let me take a few seconds for a quick correction to a story we aired yesterday about Japan's far right and nuclear weapons, we misstated the year that the US bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki it happened. Definitely in August of nineteen forty five..

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