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Eric Harley here our partners at omni trax want to make sure your covered for the end of the grandfather clause on December sixteenth for ELT compliance do you have a trusted ELT find out with the A. L. B. R. D. E. L. D. cheat sheet at E. L. the facts dot com get prepared for the deadline now that's ELT facts dot com or you can go to our website red eye radio show dot com omni trax stayed driven experience the stability you need for the business of Mercer transportation for over forty years Mercer has provided independent contractors with the support and freight needed to make their business a success we have a large customer base and the freight you need to keep your business moving plus we help you cut costs the regenerist discounts on fuel tires in insurance and help you manage your cash flow by getting you paid fast after every loaded want to move your business further and twenty nineteen join team Mercer visit us today at Mercer town dot com hi Tom dad these days convincing a lot of people to do something makes you an influencer some get people to make lesson smart choices like say below in their trust funds on stale cheese sandwiches and storm tents on the beach others suggest smarter choices like stay in a motel six we've been influence in travelers for over fifty years. to save more for what they travel for and we're still racking up the light I'm Tom that savings influencer for motel six and will leave the light on Fauria. phone lines are open one eight six six nine zero seven thirty three thirty dollars eight six six ninety..

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