Robert Deniro, Washington, President Trump discussed on Mornings on the Mall with Brian Wilson


Five WDBO, interactive weather radar plenty of rain in the area right now to the east of Orlando. I see some rain over in Eaton Ville Winter Park stretching towards the Sanford and Oviedo areas and plenty of rain over in Volusia county right now raining heavily in pond. Inlet and new Smyrna beach twelve ten now here at news ninety six point five WWL, the number of high profile targets of suspected explosive devices now, growing, let's go in depth because we want you to understand the stories. We're talking about life to our Washington bureau, Puerto Dory. Shaima endure you do have some breaking news here the cannon office building, which is right next to. The capital house offices evacuated this hour. What can you tell us? We just sent Jamie Dupree over there. And he tells us there's yellow tape independence avenue outside of canon is closed as well. But he says there's no panic no sirens going so at this point, we're still working on reporting. What exactly is going on that led to that evacuation? But of course, heightened awareness in in panic really because of the now ten or eleven bombs being sent through the mail one or two at this point sent to house lawmakers or have their names on on the envelope in some way. So we are digging into the seeing if it's connected, but at this point, we do not know that I don't know why canonise being evacuated Dory reporting. The cannon office building evacuated in Washington, the canon the oldest house office building right there by the capital. So to pack two more packages. Maybe maybe three addressed a former vice president Joe Biden. Actor Robert deniro discovered today, and it's sort of a blame game up there in Washington. Of course, the president saying that the news media is a very big part of the anger in America. The Democrats saying that the president is to blame. So everybody's yelling at one another up there inside the beltway. What's new right? But we're seeing two different stories yesterday. The president was very measured in his response as as this developed throughout the day saying that Americans needed to come together in quo, peace, and harmony, and we needed to reject political violence that it was an attack on our democracy today, though, he's changing his tune obey going after the media blaming them for the anger in society lawmakers that I've talked to praise the president for the tone that he took yesterday saying that that's needed right now to heal to bring the heat down on political rhetoric as all of the targets of these suspicious mail bombs have been political in nature. Until wait. Now, he is. He's doubling down that he's putting all federal resources needed into finding who is responsible for for these mail bombs. And again, the cannon office building evacuated there right by the the capitol building cannon is the oldest house office building right there in DC. And we'll check in with you later. Thank you so much. We appreciate that as our Dory. Shaima reporting live from Washington, and again, the number of high profile targets suspected explosive devices is now growing with these packages addressed to Joe Biden, and Robert deniro twelve thirteen here at news ninety six point five WDBO.

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