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The capital a shutdown coming bipartisan negotiations are dragging on with dozens of contentious issues still under debate has appropriators looked to finalize a one point three trillion dollar spending bill on the brink of a shutdown republicans say they're now targeting tuesday to post legislative text of the allusive deal without an agreement the government runs out of money at the end of the day on friday john parkinson abc news to capitol president trump unveiled his plan to combat or opioid addiction in the us among the headlines he suggests the death penalty for drug traffickers and is proposed border wall would make a big difference but that misses the point say some experts the front lines of the crisis here's abc's lana zak dean lemere nosy opioid crisis inside and out as a former addict he now works as a recovery specialists in new hampshire where president trump on his opioid plan includes mandatory minimum sentences and the death penalty for drug dealers but lemere says that's not helpful that's laughable that introducing a death penalty for for drug dealing could possibly have a positive effect experts say the root of the problem is in the explosion of the number of legal prescriptions of opioids those sales nearly quadrupled from nineteen ninety nine to twenty fourteen according to the national institutes of health lana zak abc news washington this is abc news komo aaa traffic every ten minutes on the fours in tacoma we have a collision on southbound i five at pacific it's blocking the right lane there on northbound i five state route five sixteen in the kent des moines area two right lanes are closed for about a half a mile for roadwork north five is you reach the tukwila area three right lanes are closed overnight till five am this report is brought to you by toledo resorting sinoe discover the gaming power of one earn points and rewards at all three of your favorite casinos find all the details at tulalipcasino dot com your next report at one.

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