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And he's a check blaze and era hanging out at a coffee shop called central port right yeah serve safi sausage that's great yeah you could stir your coffee with your sausage problem always always have coffee places i don't like coffee right what am i gonna buy while i'm there i ended up getting the bottle of water were it coffee places always seem to have just coffee or the biggest pieces of cake all right i guess i'm having a giant desert ten in some ice water a nice brownie of ice water this breakfast today and i remember talking with the friends about friends and them will them all emmy revealing myself to be a fraud because offend fraud a friend fraud frond because i thought that the monkey was always a part of the show but he had left two or three seasons earlier and i had to kind of own up to the fact that i thought friends was a show about a man in his monkey it's interesting and there were some tertiary characters so yeah i that is definitely not one of those things i am nostalgic for i saw a handful i you know i know rawson rachel i know rachel's haircut tom selleck was involved at some point but the yeah i don't know a lot of i don't think i would be able to hang in a discussion about the quality of people oh smelly cat i remember smelly cat anyway you know all the stuff that would appear like on commercials suren.

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