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Hard-fought battle with leukemia. At the time Fred was living in New York City and working as an investment banker. He was married already a father to his first son Luca and his daughter Stella Danny seeing what losing a child did to both of his parents and as a way to honor his brother's dream to reinvent family jewelry. Business Fred in his own young family left. The city moved to Rhode Island and he went back into the family business. Luca and Danny was born high fed. I Happy New Year. Thanks for being here. Of course the we're connected because of a bracelet a beautiful bracelet with a penny that my cousin gave me for Christmas and I instantly burst into tears and I shared it on social media and Lo and behold. We're now talking but the jewelry of Luca and Danny have come to learn. Does that it means something. It means something to you. Everyone at your company. Who makes it right here in the US in Rhode Island? It means something that people who buy it to the people who may be giving it as a gift into the recipient. I can tell you that for sure. And it's not a surprise when you learn more about the company and learn more about you and I mentioned the origin story briefly in the intro. But if you could share it from the beginning starting with your grandfather who you're named after I understand past before you were born. The original Fed Magnin Niimi. Yeah the first Alfred Frederick I am ninety the second but Yeah kind of a cool story. He he started a small religious jewelry manufacturing business in nineteen Fifty Four. I'm actually in his. I sit in his office. His old old stock certificate that That I have friends so and cool thinking about my grandfather. He passed away before I was before I was born so I never met him but he used to like to work Enough during the morning and early afternoon says he played cards with his friends in the late afternoon. I unfortunately have a more hectic schedule than he did. But great guy you know from from what I hear and he He had an amazing ability to just three things Would you pass over to my father and my dad. He took over that It's called jewelry. Took over that business. nineteen seventy eight. I was born in seventy eight. And He's twenty six had Was having this is first child. Which for anyone who has first child. It's always a life changing event in modern nervousness. But he took a really really small business and over a few decades grew that At one point the largest manufacturer of Inspirational Jewelry In the US in his his sort of claim to fame at my my dad unfortunately pass away in May two thousand eighteen referred. Sopher them in the past hands but he he developed the little crystal Angel Pin so little pin with force rocks crystals the late nineties. It still remains one of the biggest inspirational jewelry items in in recent history It was it was a pin that you know. Oftentimes people got after a losing a loved one and it was a sign that that people are always with them and it was like it was the pin that people always captain and I have friends of pens at my dad gave them twenty years ago. So well long history in the business with the family and very proud to be able to carry forward. Your grandfather passed before he warned so did mine. So did my my husband's to actually and I would always say I never knew him and then it occurred to me that actually he's probably a soul. I know better than anyone though. I don't realize it. I think he's been guiding me my whole life and it didn't occur to me till very late in life. Do you feel like you and probably maybe more. So since you're working where he worked you feel a connection to your grandfather. Yeah I think I mean more so with my older relatives and families. He passed in March. I was born in in September. And you know my mom and dad didn't know that I was going to be a boy because you can tell the sexes baby back then and so. Everyone kind of hoped that I was Was a boy because I would be named after my grandfather was kind of a way to carry forward the legacy and my mom says that. I'm a lot like him just personality wise. And how I how I carry myself. But interestingly and I'm sure we'll talk about this. He was obsessed with cardinals. He was his favorite bird and then sort of by default became my dad's favorite bird and it's become sort of a an icon of Luca Danni. Its peace that's kind of taken on a complete life of its own and so I often times when we're in the factory and we're producing these things. I sort of reflect on the sort of generational heritage in factory and often times. You know think of Think of my grandfather. It's a little time they don't. I don't have contact with them but I think that's more recently. That's been the connection between the two of us and it's I think it certainly made me think of him More more and more signs come later in life or later. They're realized at a different time. Did you growing up? See a cardinal and think. Oh that's a sign from my grandfather. Did it come after your father passed? I believed in no signs up without Well after my brother I think sometimes you need a little bit of A. We'll call activation So you know a lot of the pieces that were creating you know. Eleven eleven is a phrase it. My brother used to say to one of his girlfriends which I was. Tease him about it. And we made it into a bracelet and based on that and what's been amazing to see particularly through social media. See All these people that connect with it and to realize you know for me. It's eye opening because you start to learn about the symbolism. I have my own experience with it but then you really get to listen to a community and how they have their own interpretation with it. So yeah I I definitely think there's more and more signs for me. I'm definitely more of a believer in it But I was for all intents of purposes. I was very much a late. Bloomer late in life believer that happens a lot. You mentioned eleven. Eleven Danny used to say that to his girlfriend. Yeah Yeah didn't it. Means something to them like something else. I don't I try not to ask too many questions. But they would say eleven eleven. Make a wish yes. I thought it was the most foolish thing in the world and I gotta be honest with you. I see eleven eleven all the time now like I never I spent. I don't know Thirty nine years of my life knowing about eleven eleven and I probably see it four or five times a week now And I often see it. When you know like stuff's Kinda a little crazy my life and I looked down I think. Eleven Rick All Right. I gotta I gotTa keep going exactly so yeah. That's cool nine. After your brother passed it. Was you know he was so young? He was thirty three a lot of times after a tragedy. People are not open to signs. Because you know and I can understand the thinking. I don't want to see a lady bug. I don't WanNa see a butterfly. I want the person I love to be here alive on Earth. That's the best place for them to be In our sometimes closed off. Was there any of that? Which is understandable. Oh for sure. Yeah I think I think for me there was there was a lot of that and I was at the time I was living in New York. I had a young son. I had My daughter was four months old. So anyone who's you know you're dealing with with young children who are not sleeping through the night and trying to trying to deal with losing someone and trying to take care of my mother and my my my dad Trying to make sense if they you know. Cancer is such a complex disease. And you know one minute. He's getting better and then another minute you know. It's it's terminal so yeah I think I think for me it was it was challenging and it certainly took Certainly took me on a little bit of time to I. WanNa to be open to it so probably signs that we're being thrown out at me but I think there's times there's some resentment around what's happened in your life and it takes for me. It took a little bit of time to sort of come to grips with the fact that this is what's happened and I gotta deal with it. I'm a guy who tends to put things in a box so my my box has gotten bigger but I. I don't know if things are starting to spill out of it yet but it I think it takes takes some time for you to to to want to open your eyes and then to want to interpret the signs and signals in the in the way that you meant to and there's a plan For for when you're ready to do it and for me. It just happened to be a little bit later in life Daniel did. He spoke openly about wanting to reinvigorate the family business. Yeah he did. I wish I paid more attention at the time I was you know eyeball deep into my career. That's banking is You work a lot so I was very driven with without. That was at the time. That was my passion. My brother was very focused on trying trying new things. He was He was young in his career was married. Didn't have kids and so this is really kind of his passion remember. I'd go up to Dana Farber in Boston. And he'd be getting shot with all kinds of different experimental chemo treatments and he'd have laptop and be. He'd be emailing people and and I joked with a Mike. Why why are you doing this? Like who cares. Someone will answer the email And I think it was. You know it was important to him and they get it a little bit more now. I I wish I had asked More questions I mean I I if you talk to me graduating college or even Up until a few months before my brother passed away. You know there's three things I was pretty sure of. I wasn't going to live in Rhode Island. I wasn't wasn't going to go into the family. Jewelry Business And I wasn't going to drive a minivan. Not that minivans are bad but minivans for not for me and two out of the three so I'm living in Rhode Island. I'm in the family. Jewelry Business I do not have a mini van yet. But let's see what happens. Danny passed in two thousand thirteen. Your father passed in twenty eight. Who now and was that when the cardinal came into your backyard. I know you mentioned you had never seen in years living in that house the cardinal and then all of a sudden there was that one and then there was the story of the three on the driveway which I love. Yeah so it's it means literally it's a crazy story so for almost five years at never seen a cardinal dear. I've seen every other animal haven't seen a cardinal My Dad passes away He was into fishing so I went down to his boat with his friends. We we showed some stories. We had a little toast for him..

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